24-7 Availability of Teen Transport Service

As it is not always possible to predict a potential crisis situation or placement of a child in a teen program, New Start Transports offers its availability and services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We can often respond within an hour of notice and can usually be present within one to twenty-four hours of notice nationwide depending on location of teen. Our response time world wide depends on flights and availability of world wide transport associates. Our office phones are always on. Depending on call volume, we can respond within 15 minutes to any phone call during business or night hours that intake staff are awake.

We employ an appropriate amount of teen transport associates with various schedules to ensure availability at a moments notice. We understand the importance of being available to respond to the needs of families and youth quickly. We encourage parents to give our transport intake coordinator as much notice as possible. The more notice our intake team receives, the higher quality transport plan they can provide. Notice will often be reflected in our overall teen transport service fees, airfare and other travel expenses, and the youth transport associates available to respond.

Please feel free to contact New Start Transports at any time on our toll free number 1-877-258-2423. If you are concerned that it is too late or are not in a position to speak on the phone, please feel free to contact us on-line.

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