Adolescent Transport Services

We Implement Integrity, Compassion, and Respect With Each Adolescent and Parent We Serve.

New Start Transports is an adolescent transport service that provides comfort and confidence to parents and "troubled teens" during the initial transition to a therapeutic program. Our adolescent transport agency, was founded by two former struggling adolescents and their parents (Clint Hardy, Jake Hardy, Dan and Cindy Strobell). New Start Transports offers the following Adolescent Services:

  1. Adolescent Transportation Services
  2. Adolescent Runaway Locating Services
  3. Adolescent Mediation and Crisis Intervention Services

As we recognize the difficulty in choosing an adolescent transport service, we meet the following standards.

  1. Specific Insurance for the transportation of adolescents.
  2. Registered with California TrustLine
  3. Only uses the most qualified and trained transport staff.

As we have been through the adolescent transport and program placement process personally, we recognize the importance of providing a safe and personalized service to those whom we serve. Please click here to learn more about our adolescent transport services.

Our Personal Experience Is Unmatched In The Adolescent Transport Industry. We urge you to contact us toll-free 1-877-258-2423.

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