AMATS: Association of Mediation and Transport Services

The Association of Mediation and Transport Services is at this point a small group of youth and adult mediation, transport, and intervention services. While New Start Transports is not currently choosing to apply for AMATS membership, we are providing the following information for all of our website viewers. New Start Transports meets all of the standards required for AMATS membership and more! The following is a list of the information on AMATS and its forming that is currently available:

  • On May 22, 2007 Jeff Johnson, the recently elected Executive Director of AMATS, announced that the Association of Mediation and Transport Services (AMATS) was formed.
  • Woodbury Reports included an announcement of a new association formed in its July portion of its Seen N' Heard. Woodbury Reports mentions that on May 25, 2007 Jeff Johnson, of OnPoint Consultants, LLC, Loa, Utah, announced the formation of the Association of Mediation and Transport Services (AMATS), and its purpose of establishing a certain level of standards for the youth transport industry.
  • On July 20, 2007, AMATS Executive Director, announced the election of an Executive Committee from the members of the recently formed organization.
  • On July 20, 2007, the Association of Mediation and Transport Services announced that the AMATS Standards are Adopted. Their Executive Director, included an Outline of the AMATS Standards.
  • In September of 2007, the AMATS Standards For Ethical Practices was posted on a Struggling Teens website, known as the Woodbury Reports, Inc.
  • On October 13, 2007, New Start Transports received a copy of the AMATS Standards for Ethical Practices and the AMATS application for membership. This information was received at the request of Clint Hardy, President and founder of New Start Transports.
  • The Executive Director of the Association of Mediation and Transport Services (AMATS) and its three Executive Committee members attended the IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) conference in Hollywood, California in November 2007. AMATS began presenting its organization to consultants, programs, and other youth transport services. Clinton Hardy of New Start Transports took advantage of the opportunity to speak with Jeff Johnson, of OnPoint Consultants and AMATS, and thanked Jeff for his time and also asked for AMATS to keep New Start Transports updated as we will keep an open mind to future improvement of the organization.

As the Association of Mediation and Transport Services (AMATS) is a newly formed organization, please check back periodically to view any future updated postings that we may have.

The New Start Perspective:

As the standards in the youth transport and mediation industry are very inconsistent and the amount of government regulation at both the state and federal levels are almost non-existent, we believe that the formation of an organization to raise the standards in our industry could offer a great benefit to transport companies, consultants, programs, parents, and youth.

We will continue to look for more information on AMATS and the forming of other organizations in the youth transport and mediation industry claiming to attempt to do this. New Start Transports supports all of the qualified ideas presented by AMATS and its representatives. We would like to acknowledge the qualified transport services that may be members of AMATS and also extend an open invitation to all transport, mediation, and intervention services to abide by the highest level of ethical standards. We wish AMATS the best in their future development. We would like to also extend an invitation to all the educational consultants and youth programs to require the teen transport services they recommend to meet the highest level of ethical standards and practices!

Please click here to read more about us and how we meet all of the Association of Mediation and Transport Services (AMATS) standards and more!

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