Troubled Teen Transport Assessment:

Do You Need The Safe And Personalized Assistance Of A Professional Youth Transport Service For Your Teen?

Assessment Questions:

  1. Does your teen have a history of running away?
  2. Is your teen verbally abusive?
  3. Is your teen often manipulative?
  4. Is your teen physically abusive?
  5. Is your teen currently a runaway?
  6. Is your teen currently living away from home for or against your desire?
  7. Does your teen have a drug or alcohol problem?
  8. Is your teen unwilling to go to the youth treatment program or school you have chosen?
  9. Are you afraid of what your teen may do if you suggest placing them in a youth program?
  10. Is your teen currently in the custody of the state or housed at a youth correctional facility?
  11. Is your teen bouncing from one treatment program to another?
  12. Does your teen refuse to admit that they need help?
  13. Is your teen in any kind of danger?
  14. Are you concerned about the safety of your teen?
  15. Does your teen need strong encouragement to cooperate with the youth treatment program placement?
  16. Do a majority of the students at your desired youth treatment program come by a youth transportation service?
  17. Does your teen need extra supervision and guidance?
  18. Does your teen need extra support and constant vigilance?
  19. Is your teen unprepared or unaware of the youth program placement?
  20. Is your teen angry at you?
  21. Is your teen often disrespectful to you?
  22. Does your teen show unpredictable anger outbursts?
  23. Is your teen's behavior unpredictable?
  24. Does your teen threaten violence when consequences are implemented?
  25. Does your teen make verbal threats?
  26. Has your teen specifically stated that he or she will not go or cooperate with traveling to a youth treatment program?
  27. Does your teen not want the help of a youth treatment program?
  28. Would you prefer to provide the safest and most personalized transportation route possible?
  29. Does the youth program you are placing your teen prefer and/or recommend a youth transport service to help with the transition to their treatment program?

Answer: If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you may want to strongly consider an intervention and hire a professional youth transport service to transition your child to the treatment program you have chosen. Please contact us toll-free 1-877-258-2423 for a free teen transport consultation.


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