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Mediation Services for Teens

An outside source of mediation can often greatly reduce the drama and risk in transitioning a troubled teen to a wilderness or residential treatment program. In searching for a qualified mediation service to assist in transitioning a child to a program be sure to verify the professional credentials of both the company and also its […]

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Teen Transport Escort Services Located in Utah

Utah seems to be a home location for many of the nation’s youth and teen transport escort services. This would make sense, as Utah is also the home of many reputable treatment programs and boarding schools. At this time, the state of Utah does not have specific licensing requirements for transport escort services. This is […]

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Teen Help & Transportation Recommended by Dr. Phil

New Start Transports (NST) is again happy to support a Dr. Phil client. ¬†Even though this particular guest chose to not partake of the program offered by Dr. Phil at the time of her anonymous appearance, the Show is still offering the mother intervention support for her daughter as their circumstances have continued to escalate. […]

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Youth Services: Mediation, Transition, Intervention, Transport

Youth mediation, transition, intervention and transport services are generally very closely related. As youth transport services most commonly are transporting an at-risk youth to treatment centers, it is important to recognize that the service they provide should be more than just transporting from point a to b. A quality youth transport service provides an actual […]

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Struggling Teens this Year

There will be many struggling teens and families this year in need of outside intervention resources. Whether it be through an out of home placement via teen transport or another intervention source, we are confident that there is hope and help available.

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Youth Transportation Services: Reduce Risk

Youth Transportation Services reduce the risk of crisis…

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Teen Transport Services: Definition and Characteristics

A Teen Transport to a worried parent of an at-risk teen may be defined as the transition and transport of a teen from the place of pick-up to the destination chosen by the parent guardian(s). Teen transport staff should act as mediators between the parents, programs, and teens during the transition to the chosen facility. […]

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Youth Transports: School Midterms

There is often a direct relationship between the amount of youth transports and the time of school midterms. Youth transports often seem to increase right around midterms and breaks. Often parents may wait to make the final decision to place their child in a program after realizing that the child’s school performance is not improving. […]

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Teen Transport: Vehicle Safety

As a portion of a troubled teen transport can involve the use of a vehicle, taking certain safety precautions is recommended. Here are a few transport vehicle safety tips that we recommend for increasing safety during the transport: 1. Child safety window and door locks – this can be very important in decreasing the likability […]

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Youth Escort Services

Youth Escort Services often refer to themselves as youth or teen transportation services to avoid any negative association with the term “escort.” The definition of the term “escort” may be appropriate to what a youth transport escort service offers. Escorting troubled youth can also be very rewarding to adolescent escort services that operate with the […]

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