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Youth Transport Service: Is Law Enforcement Experience Viable? (Part II)

Professional experience alone, is an insufficient measuring tool in hiring a youth transport interventionist. The interventionist’s character should outweigh his/her professional experience. Nevertheless, we have found that staff with a background in social work tend to transition well into the youth transport industry.

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Youth Transport Intervention: Is Law Enforcement Experience Viable? (Part I)

Several youth transport intervention services seem to promote the use of law enforcement trained staff and approaches. Is law enforcement really an appropriate background and model for youth interventionists? This is the first of several vlogs that will consider the pros and cons of law enforcement experience and training in relation to the transport intervention […]

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Aspen Achievement Academy and Aspen Ranch Closing!

New Start Transports (NST), its founders and employees, were saddened to hear the disappointing news that Aspen Achievement Academy and Aspen Ranch will be closed, along with several other good programs. As many of you know, Clinton and Jacob Hardy, both participated in the Aspen Academy’s wilderness program 15 years ago. Ironically, NST has received […]

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TrustLine Registry – Adolescent Transport Services in California

The state of California requires in-home and licensed exempt service providers, such as adolescent transport escort services, to be registered with TrustLine. TrustLine defines adolescent transport escort companies as services that transport minors across state lines with permission from the minor’s parents, custodial parent or legal guardian. In addition to registering with TrustLine, transport escort […]

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Youth Transportation Service: Employees vs. Contracted “Agents”

When hiring a profesional youth transportation service be sure to verify that all transport staff are actual employees of the company .  While many transport companies advertise maintaining industry specific liability insurance, many of these same services often use contracted labor to perform the actual transports. Independent contractors are not covered under a company’s professional […]

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Caution in Choosing a Teen Transport | Troubled Youth Service

Because teen transport escort services are license exempt, parents need to be extra cautious when considering which service to hire. This article presents some of the critical things that a parent should know and consider before making a teen transport decision.

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Making an Effective Treatment Decision in Crisis

We live in a society of change and speed—high speed Internet, fast food, express lanes and check-out stands, instant messaging, the list goes on. Life, in general, can also come upon us both fast and unexpected. We may be one minute basking in comfort and security, but one hiccup in foreign markets can shake up our nest eggs, throwing us into a state of fear and uncertainty. As we dwell in a world of the unexpected, so should we be prepared to make critical yet objective decisions in the midst of a change, a crisis, and even a crucible.

One can easily categorize a crisis within the chronic, heart-wrenching struggle that always accompanies making treatment decisions for a wayward youth. In fact, most other crises pale in comparison. If poor decisions are made, the consequences can be life-long, adding to the anxiety of parents and other caregivers. Therefore, a question begs to be answered for those caught in these circumstances: how can I make this critical decision when I face this flood of stress and emotion?

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Adolescent Transport Agencies: Choosing the Right Service

Choosing the right Adolescent Transport Agency may not be an easy task. While there are many adolescent transport agencies to choose from, New Start Transports encourages parents, programs, and consultants to take much caution in choosing which service to use or recommend. Here are some important facts when considering an adolescent transport service: 1. Many […]

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Troubled Teen: Mediation Services

An outside source of mediation can often greatly reduce the trauma and risk in transitioning a troubled teen into a wilderness or residential treatment program.  If a child is treatment resistant, parents should keep in mind that it may be safer and much less anxiety for everyone to employ a professional mediation service. When searching for […]

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LinkedIn: New Start Transports is now on LinkedIn

New Start Transports is now on LinkedIn,

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