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Finding Reliable Advice – Teen Help

For a parent, finding reliable advice and information for a struggling teen is not always an easy task.  There are often a number of obstacles, which prevent parents from not just finding the answers to their questions but finding the most appropriate answers.  Online marketing schemes, a friend’s advice, and unqualified referral sources are among […]

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Youth Transportation | Crisis Intervention | Law Enforcement (Part VI) – Final

Whether or not law enforcement experience is viable or not is contingent upon the character of the individual transport staff and service. What parents and professionals should be cautious of, are intervention services that implement law enforcement practices into their youth transport procedures. Being cognizant that youth transport agencies are essentially licensed exempt in all […]

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Youth Transportation Services | Intervention Services | Law Enforcement (Part V)

Unethical forms of intimidation or physical restraint should not be considered by a youth transportation service. Transportation and intervention services should intervene with integrity, compassion, and respect for both the youth and their family.

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Teen Transport Intervention | Law Enforcement (Part IV)

A troubled teen transport service should intervene with support and care. The preparation and approach of the transport interventionists can lower the risk of physical intervention. Additionally, a transport service should transition the teenager to the program so that they can arrive with less anxiety and more prepared for treatment.

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Youth Transport – Law Enforcement (Part III)

The approach of a youth transport service and its staff should significantly vary from that of law enforcement. A law enforcement approach would be more excessive than what the majority of our youth clients need. A transport service and its staff are there to support the child and family…

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Adolescents and Young Adults Conference – Las Vegas, Nevada

Clinton Hardy was able to make a brief visit to the “Adolescents and Young Adults” conference in Las Vegas on April 1st. This conference was sponsored by the U.S. Journal Training (USJT) and The Institute for Integral Development. Clinton hopes to be able to enjoy a more extended visit at upcoming conferences in the future.

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U.S. Journal Training (USJT) & the Institute for Integral Development

The U.S. Journal (USJT) and the Institute for Integral Development offer training to professionals of the following fields: addictions, mental health, education, and related helping professionals. They are an approved provider of Continuing Education (CEs, CEUs) for professionals working in Mental Health, Behavioral Health and Addiction related fields such as Social Workers, Nurses, Psychologists and […]

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