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Humor as a Coping Skill: The Art of Not Taking Yourself So Seriously

There are many other ways to use humor during stress such as watching a funny movie or emailing a joke to friends and family before you start your day. However, wisdom and discernment must be used to determine appropriate timing for humor to be an appropriate coping mechanism. Masking feelings do nothing more than bury the feelings needing to surface.

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Pornography: Making the Home a Refuge from the Storm

We need to recognize what pornography is and what it can become: an addiction. Researchers, doctors, and mental health professionals are more and more seeing and treating it as such. As we treat pornography what it actually is, we’ll begin the process of truly making our homes a safe haven from this storm. Please share your thoughts!

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A Quick Note to Parents of Troubled Youth

I wanted to take a few minutes and express to you the benefits I feel my two sons and family gained from them attending a youth wilderness and residential program. No human being can be forced into change-the lasting changes only come when the individual themselves wants to change. The same is true with youth […]

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The Chronically Ill Child: When Our Best is Not Enough

Illness is a strikingly predictable feature of childhood. Acute illness is bad enough but a growing number of families are raising children who have illnesses that are chronic and will likely never be fully eradicated. One estimate figured that about nearly 10 million children suffer with a type of chronic illness and about 10% of those are considered severe.

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“It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times”

Human beings experience extreme highs and lows throughout their lives. However, few realize that a common link exists between these two opposites–stress! Parents and families espeically fit into this equation. Learn more and share your thoughts. Let’s chat!

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Adoption: Remembering the Miracle

Most human beings yearn for the opportunity to hold the title of mommy and daddy. There is something instinctual about this desire but when conception fails to occur, whether caused by infertility or otherwise, a crucible can ensue. Do you have any suggestions or special circumstances that you’d like to share if you’ve gone through the adoption experience? Share your stories and let’s learn from one another concerning this important topic.

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The Assessment: Navigating the Unmarked Road

Despite popular opinion, I strongly believe that therapeutic treatment is not the most valuable resource for a struggling, wayward youth and his or her parents. It’s what happens before the treatment that truly matters—the assessment! With the amount of money poured into treatment, I would venture that far too little thought and resources go toward assessment. How are we expected to fix something if we don’t know what’s broken?

Assessments are road maps. They tell us where we’ve been, where we are, and where we should be going. More sophisticated navigation devices can also warn of detours, delays, road conditions, and areas to avoid. All of these are factors that contribute to a thorough and accurate assessment. The main thesis statement and “take away” of this blog posting is that parents will typically see a better prognosis in their child’s behavior if they invest and focus their attention on obtaining a thorough assessment (1) at the right time, (2) by the right person, and (3) with the right instrument.

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At-Risk Youth Transport Services: What’s The Difference?

It is no secret within the therapeutic program and treatment industry that quality, practices, and pricing among the numerous transport escort services vary. Transport company A will market itself, as an “intervention” service while company B will seek credit as a “secure transport” service. Some reference transport staff as agents yet others, interventionists. Parents receive price estimates that differ from a few hundred to more than one thousand dollars among the various companies. So what is the deal? Are not all “transport” services essentially providing the same service? Why pay more for one service when another will do the same for less? Is anyone else confused with the definition of the transport service industry? How would a referring professional or parent discern which service is most appropriate to work with?

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Crisis Intervention and Teen Transportation Services

Crisis Intervention and Teen Transportation Services are readily available. However, such services are most effective after an appropriate treatment decision has been confirmed…

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Annual Conference of Agencies and Organizations Serving Troubled Youth

The 32nd Annual Conference of Agencies and Organizations Serving Troubled Youth “Creating Success in Uncertain Times: How are the Children?” will be held May 12-13, 2011 in Snowbird, Utah.  The conference is anticipating 700-800 participants from across the state of Utah.  All of which are professionals in a variety of the following fields: education, juvenile […]

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