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Dispelling The Accusations & Myths Associated With NATSAP Adolescent Treatment Programs Through Research

Research may be the crux to the future success of the private adolescent treatment industry, especially..

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2012 Study Suggests An Adolescent’s Readiness to Change When Entering Wilderness Treatment May Not Impact Long-term Outcomes

Bettmann, Russell, & Parry discussed that adolescent treatment coercion can sometimes involve an adolescent literally being escorted by a third-party service (e.g., youth transport service) into treatment via physical force or implied intimidation..

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Dr. Phil: What to Look for When Choosing Residential Treatment Centers or Therapeutic Schools

Dr. Phil aired an episode in January of this year (2013) that discussed teen children who had been sent away to residential schools where they were allegedly trapped and abused. ┬áIn recognizing that there are many qualified therapeutic options for parents and their children, Dr. Phil provided a list of recommendations to help parents choose […]

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