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An Adolescent Transport Should Better Prepare the Adolescent/Teen for Treatment

If an Adolescent is transported into a treatment settings, such as a wilderness program, therapeutic boarding school, or residential treatment center, he/she should arrive better prepared than when the transport first commenced.  In essence, even if an adolescent and his/her parents are in conflict regarding treatment, by the time the adolescent arrives at the treatment […]

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Differentiating Adolescent Transport Approaches from false stigmas

Per the advice and assessment of a licensed and experienced mental health clinician, such as a psychologist, youth advocate, or educational consultant, an adolescent transport can facilitate a safe and therapeutically conducive context for transitioning, between the home and treatment program–e.g., wilderness program, residential treatment center, therapeutic boarding school.  If the transport staff or mediators use a […]

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The Coercive Myth of Adolescent Transports and Teen Treatment

In reality almost all adolescent treatment entails some degree of coercion—meaning adolescent is not choosing it on his/her own volition. The developmental research supports this and in fact has underscored that adolescence is a period where teens may overtly resist parental and other authority, even when they know or believe their parents may be right, […]

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Research Awareness Among Adolescent Transport & Youth Treatment Services is Essential

It is essential that any adolescent treatment service, especially an adolescent or youth transport service, to be aware of the research that pertains to the populations of adolescents, teens, and in some cases adults, they are providing therapeutic services. Transport and treatment services should also be familiar with the research as it pertains directly to […]

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Adolescent Transport: The issue of mistrust between parents and adolescent/teen

This video responds to a website comment that adolescent/teen transports can adversely impact an adolescent’s trust for their parents.  In essence, trust is an important consideration, especially considering the inherent structure of a transport.  It is important for transport services to incorporate procedures that are sensitive to this.  Techniques of aggressive force or threat are […]

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Description of Therapeutic Adolescent/Teen Transport (video)

It is essential for the transport of an adolescent to be therapeutic–conducive towards treatment…

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