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Research-Based Model for Coercive Admissions

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Dispelling The Accusations & Myths Associated With NATSAP Adolescent Treatment Programs Through Research

Research may be the crux to the future success of the private adolescent treatment industry, especially..

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2012 Study Suggests An Adolescent’s Readiness to Change When Entering Wilderness Treatment May Not Impact Long-term Outcomes

Bettmann, Russell, & Parry discussed that adolescent treatment coercion can sometimes involve an adolescent literally being escorted by a third-party service (e.g., youth transport service) into treatment via physical force or implied intimidation..

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The Chronically Ill Child: When Our Best is Not Enough

Illness is a strikingly predictable feature of childhood. Acute illness is bad enough but a growing number of families are raising children who have illnesses that are chronic and will likely never be fully eradicated. One estimate figured that about nearly 10 million children suffer with a type of chronic illness and about 10% of those are considered severe.

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At-Risk Youth Transport Services: What’s The Difference?

It is no secret within the therapeutic program and treatment industry that quality, practices, and pricing among the numerous transport escort services vary. Transport company A will market itself, as an “intervention” service while company B will seek credit as a “secure transport” service. Some reference transport staff as agents yet others, interventionists. Parents receive price estimates that differ from a few hundred to more than one thousand dollars among the various companies. So what is the deal? Are not all “transport” services essentially providing the same service? Why pay more for one service when another will do the same for less? Is anyone else confused with the definition of the transport service industry? How would a referring professional or parent discern which service is most appropriate to work with?

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Crisis Intervention and Teen Transportation Services

Crisis Intervention and Teen Transportation Services are readily available. However, such services are most effective after an appropriate treatment decision has been confirmed…

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Youth Transportation Service: How to Choose

Choosing to place a child, a parent’s most valuable possession, into a therapeutic or behavioral school or program, away from home, can be an overwhelming task. If the youth is resistant or needs more support than the parent and family can provide during the transport to the school or program, the anxiety of the placement […]

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Finding Reliable Advice – Teen Help

For a parent, finding reliable advice and information for a struggling teen is not always an easy task.  There are often a number of obstacles, which prevent parents from not just finding the answers to their questions but finding the most appropriate answers.  Online marketing schemes, a friend’s advice, and unqualified referral sources are among […]

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Youth Transportation | Crisis Intervention | Law Enforcement (Part VI) – Final

Whether or not law enforcement experience is viable or not is contingent upon the character of the individual transport staff and service. What parents and professionals should be cautious of, are intervention services that implement law enforcement practices into their youth transport procedures. Being cognizant that youth transport agencies are essentially licensed exempt in all […]

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Youth Transportation Services | Intervention Services | Law Enforcement (Part V)

Unethical forms of intimidation or physical restraint should not be considered by a youth transportation service. Transportation and intervention services should intervene with integrity, compassion, and respect for both the youth and their family.

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