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The Assessment: Navigating the Unmarked Road

Despite popular opinion, I strongly believe that therapeutic treatment is not the most valuable resource for a struggling, wayward youth and his or her parents. It’s what happens before the treatment that truly matters—the assessment! With the amount of money poured into treatment, I would venture that far too little thought and resources go toward assessment. How are we expected to fix something if we don’t know what’s broken?

Assessments are road maps. They tell us where we’ve been, where we are, and where we should be going. More sophisticated navigation devices can also warn of detours, delays, road conditions, and areas to avoid. All of these are factors that contribute to a thorough and accurate assessment. The main thesis statement and “take away” of this blog posting is that parents will typically see a better prognosis in their child’s behavior if they invest and focus their attention on obtaining a thorough assessment (1) at the right time, (2) by the right person, and (3) with the right instrument.

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