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IECA Conference Presentation: Alleviating the Perception of Coercion and Eliciting Autonomous Motivation During the Admission Process

On Friday, May 8th, 2015, our founder–Clinton J. Hardy–and Dr. Neal Christensen had the opportunity to present, Alleviating the Perception of Coercion and Eliciting Autonomous Motivation During the Admission Process, at the IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) Conference in Baltimore, MD. We would especially like to express our gratitude to the educational consultants and program representatives who attended […]

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The Assessment: Navigating the Unmarked Road

Despite popular opinion, I strongly believe that therapeutic treatment is not the most valuable resource for a struggling, wayward youth and his or her parents. It’s what happens before the treatment that truly matters—the assessment! With the amount of money poured into treatment, I would venture that far too little thought and resources go toward assessment. How are we expected to fix something if we don’t know what’s broken?

Assessments are road maps. They tell us where we’ve been, where we are, and where we should be going. More sophisticated navigation devices can also warn of detours, delays, road conditions, and areas to avoid. All of these are factors that contribute to a thorough and accurate assessment. The main thesis statement and “take away” of this blog posting is that parents will typically see a better prognosis in their child’s behavior if they invest and focus their attention on obtaining a thorough assessment (1) at the right time, (2) by the right person, and (3) with the right instrument.

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IECA’s Spring Educational Consultant Conference 2011 – Philadelphia, PA

This years Independent Educational Consultants Association’s (IECA) conference was held in Philadelphia, PA at the Downtown Marriott. Milton Chen, Amy Chua, and Kathleen Passanisi were the three keynote speakers. 2011 marked a symbolic year for IECA and its members as its 35th year anniversary. Attending the conference this year was quite enjoyable and presented a […]

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Finding Reliable Advice – Teen Help

For a parent, finding reliable advice and information for a struggling teen is not always an easy task.  There are often a number of obstacles, which prevent parents from not just finding the answers to their questions but finding the most appropriate answers.  Online marketing schemes, a friend’s advice, and unqualified referral sources are among […]

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Making an Effective Treatment Decision in Crisis

We live in a society of change and speed—high speed Internet, fast food, express lanes and check-out stands, instant messaging, the list goes on. Life, in general, can also come upon us both fast and unexpected. We may be one minute basking in comfort and security, but one hiccup in foreign markets can shake up our nest eggs, throwing us into a state of fear and uncertainty. As we dwell in a world of the unexpected, so should we be prepared to make critical yet objective decisions in the midst of a change, a crisis, and even a crucible.

One can easily categorize a crisis within the chronic, heart-wrenching struggle that always accompanies making treatment decisions for a wayward youth. In fact, most other crises pale in comparison. If poor decisions are made, the consequences can be life-long, adding to the anxiety of parents and other caregivers. Therefore, a question begs to be answered for those caught in these circumstances: how can I make this critical decision when I face this flood of stress and emotion?

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