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Teens beleaguered by emotional and behavioral difficulties are often referred to as a “troubled teen.”

Negative Pressures and Adolescent Treatment Admission Reactions

A current research study by Clinton Hardy (NST founder) is indicating that certain procedures, particularly those involving negative coercive pressures, significantly relate with adverse affective reactions, or attitudes, at the time of entering a youth/teen treatment program..

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Check Out Our Parent Resource Blog for parents of adolescent teens and adults

NST also authors a Parent Resource Blog, in addition to our Troubled Teenager Programs blog, via New Start Resources.  Please feel free to view and register for this blog at the link posted below.  Further, NST would like to thank its subscribers and those who contribute to our blogs and effort to increase education and […]

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Anderson Cooper Show Looking for Troubled Teenage Girl and Mother

Anderson Cooper Show looking for Troubled Teenage Girl and Mother to appear on show this Friday! Please contact New Start Transports immediately…

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Clinton Hardy’s Article to be Published in The Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (JTSP)

As a recent update, President, Clinton Hardy, of New Start Transports recently had an article accepted for publication in the Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (JTSP), also referred to as the NATSAP Journal.  Clint’s article encompasses the widely debated topic of treatment coercion among adolescent populations within the United States.  While several possible assertions […]

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A Quick Note to Parents of Troubled Youth

I wanted to take a few minutes and express to you the benefits I feel my two sons and family gained from them attending a youth wilderness and residential program. No human being can be forced into change-the lasting changes only come when the individual themselves wants to change. The same is true with youth […]

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Annual Conference of Agencies and Organizations Serving Troubled Youth

The 32nd Annual Conference of Agencies and Organizations Serving Troubled Youth “Creating Success in Uncertain Times: How are the Children?” will be held May 12-13, 2011 in Snowbird, Utah.  The conference is anticipating 700-800 participants from across the state of Utah.  All of which are professionals in a variety of the following fields: education, juvenile […]

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Finding Reliable Advice – Teen Help

For a parent, finding reliable advice and information for a struggling teen is not always an easy task.  There are often a number of obstacles, which prevent parents from not just finding the answers to their questions but finding the most appropriate answers.  Online marketing schemes, a friend’s advice, and unqualified referral sources are among […]

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Making an Effective Treatment Decision in Crisis

We live in a society of change and speed—high speed Internet, fast food, express lanes and check-out stands, instant messaging, the list goes on. Life, in general, can also come upon us both fast and unexpected. We may be one minute basking in comfort and security, but one hiccup in foreign markets can shake up our nest eggs, throwing us into a state of fear and uncertainty. As we dwell in a world of the unexpected, so should we be prepared to make critical yet objective decisions in the midst of a change, a crisis, and even a crucible.

One can easily categorize a crisis within the chronic, heart-wrenching struggle that always accompanies making treatment decisions for a wayward youth. In fact, most other crises pale in comparison. If poor decisions are made, the consequences can be life-long, adding to the anxiety of parents and other caregivers. Therefore, a question begs to be answered for those caught in these circumstances: how can I make this critical decision when I face this flood of stress and emotion?

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Troubled Teen: Mediation Services

An outside source of mediation can often greatly reduce the trauma and risk in transitioning a troubled teen into a wilderness or residential treatment program.  If a child is treatment resistant, parents should keep in mind that it may be safer and much less anxiety for everyone to employ a professional mediation service. When searching for […]

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Youth Transport: Struggles of Family Involvement

“I realized my family was taking me to a program when we were headed in the opposite direction of home on the freeway. After the physically and emotionally exhausting battle between my family and I, we made it to the wilderness program. Looking back, a professional youth transport service could have greatly served my family […]

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