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The purpose of wilderness programs is to separate teens from the world as they know it and place them in an environment where they can connect with nature, their inner-self, their higher power, etc. Wilderness programs can incorporate many activities that involve team-building, group dynamics, experiential, hands-on therapeutic interventions in the context of their environment.

Youth Transport: Struggles of Family Involvement

“I realized my family was taking me to a program when we were headed in the opposite direction of home on the freeway. After the physically and emotionally exhausting battle between my family and I, we made it to the wilderness program. Looking back, a professional youth transport service could have greatly served my family […]

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Wilderness Programs: Parent and Struggling Teen Relationship Strengthened

“After two weeks in the wilderness, I began to forget about my friends and realized that my family was who I really missed. This wilderness experienced saved my life and was the beginning of a relationship between my mom and I that is still strong today, 10 years after the program. It is a great […]

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Invitation and Endorsement of Teen Intervention Services from Dr. Phil!

In early 2006, the Dr. Phil Show requested New Start Transports (NST) to assist in an on air intervention for one of Dr. Phil’s clients, Kimberly. ┬áLater on that show, Dr. Phil provided a live thank you and endorsement of New Start Transports. ┬áNST’s founder, Clinton Hardy, and Esperanza Tiatia. As depicted in the broadcasting […]

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