Clinton Hardy

Youth Transport FounderClint is the founder of New Start Transports. For the past 12 years, he has been professionally involved in the troubled teen industry. Since 2005, he has served as President of New Start Transports. As an adolescent, Clint participated in an outdoor wilderness program and a residential school. At age 17, he and his mother escorted his younger brother, Jacob, to a wilderness treatment program in Utah. Clint believes it is the amount of personal involvement that he had as an adolescent that has led him to a life and professional career involved with and devoted to working with struggling teens and their families. Through the support of his family and his belief in God he was able to find the strength to change the direction of his life. He finds happiness and great satisfaction in working with teens and families. Clint has provided transport interventions and transport consultation services to parents throughout the United States, the Dr. Phil Show, news radio networks, television production companies, and more. Clint is married to his wife Alicia and they are the proud parents of two daughters, Anna Raquel and Isabella Judith.

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