Differentiating Adolescent Transport Approaches from false stigmas

Per the advice and assessment of a licensed and experienced mental health clinician, such as a psychologist, youth advocate, or educational consultant, an adolescent transport can facilitate a safe and therapeutically conducive context for transitioning, between the home and treatment program–e.g., wilderness program, residential treatment center, therapeutic boarding school.  If the transport staff or mediators use a therapeutic approach, an adolescent transport can in many cases help to alleviate the anxiety and even perceptions of coercion and negative emotions that are embedded in the family context, both during and before the transport.  It is important to recognize that the parent-child or adolescent dynamic is already volatile and escalated well-before the transport begins or is even arranged.  Therefore, in many cases and under the proper advice of a qualified mental health professional or consultant an adolescent transport service arrives to intervene and mediate in a family context that is already extremely volatile or even in crisis.  By taking a therapeutic approach, properly trained and experienced staff can facilitate a safer and more therapeutically conducive transition to the program.

In essence, whether or not an adolescent transport is appropriate for a troubled teen or teen being placed in a treatment program should be determined by the mental health professional who is working directly with the family–parents and teen–and preferably residing in the same community or nearby.  If an adolescent transport is deemed appropriate for the teen, then the transport service should implement crisis intervention and therapeutic techniques that (according to research) are most conducive to the therapeutic process…

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