A couple key aspects of an adolescent transport…

The approach of an adolescent transport can either facilitate or obstruct the therapeutic or treatment process. Adolescent/teen transport techniques that employ respect and empathy tend to be conducive towards treatment whereas those tactics which include low levels of respect and reduced empathy tend to obstruct the overall therapeutic process.

Equally, the benefit of an adolescent transport for a troubled teen/adolescent and his or her family is contingent on the treatment program being both clinically appropriate for the adolescent and his or her specific issues and being reputable…


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    Thank you so much for this insightful article! As a am a representative of Compass Rose Academy, a Christ-based boarding school out of Indiana that focuses on prevention services and residential treatment for troubled teens, we are always looking for new and informative content to share with our students.

    Thank you again!

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      Amanda, Thank you for your comments and we are glad that you were able to view our post. Due to our spam policy we were not able to leave the link included in your comment, but please feel free to contact us directly for where links can be shared and always feel free to comment on our postings! Also, your url is still accessible via the comment author link, just not in the text body… Thanks!

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