The Coercive Myth of Adolescent Transports and Teen Treatment

In reality almost all adolescent treatment entails some degree of coercion—meaning adolescent is not choosing it on his/her own volition. The developmental research supports this and in fact has underscored that adolescence is a period where teens may overtly resist parental and other authority, even when they know or believe their parents may be right, or in the case of treatment that help is necessary. In sum, it may not be practical to expect adolescents, especially those beleaguered with behavioral and psychological problems, to enter treatment on their own or without outside sources of pressure, such as parents or other family members. Therefore, the issue isn’t so much of whether or not adolescents should be coerced into treatment but what approaches and tactics are ethical and conducive to the treatment process.

Perhaps of more importance, is a process of thorough assessment and evaluation, which can help to ensure the best approach and modalities are used for the particular adolescent and his/her presenting issues…

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