Caution In Choosing A Teen Transport

New Start Transports - Recommends The Following Considerations In Choosing A Teen Transport Service For Your Child.

  • Most states do not have licensing requirements specific to the transportation of at-risk troubled teens.  This causes minimal if any enforcement and scrutiny of correct transport insurance bonding by both state and federal government.
  • While liability insurance specific to the transportation of struggling teens is not currently regulated or enforced, it is available and credible teen transport services carry it. 
  • Does the teen transport service use its actual employees or does it hire utilize independent contractors to carry out the actual transport? You want to hire a company that takes professional responsibility for its staff, especially those who may be working with your child. Professional liability insurance only covers the employees of a company. The use of 1099 independent contracts saves the transport service in operating expenses but increases the liability to parents who may become more responsible if a problem occurs if liability insurance and worker's comp insurance do not inculde the actual transport staff.
  • What type of background clearances are used?
  • There are many troubled teen transportation services that follow transport procedures that may include the regular use of mechanical restraints and law enforcement tactics with youth clients similar in the treatment to a juvenile criminal. 
  • When accessing the teen transport website, is the company open in the information of its management, transport interventionists, and the training requirements that are implemented in its company?
  • If the teen transport service you are working with operates in a state that does not offer specific licensing, are they still licensed and registered as a business.?
  • If the  transport service uses staff from various locations throughout the U.S., verify the accountability and training of the staff. 
  • Does the service allow its staff to use training they receive from other work or employment to account for and replace training by the company?  Look into the amount of training that the transport service provides to its staff.
  • Is the teen transport service confident and knowledgeable in the explanations and information given on their website and over the phone?  Preparation, training, and experience can never be too much in the industry of troubled teen transportation and intervention. 
  • How long has the teen transport service been operating?  Make sure that you are considering a reliable teen transport service.
  • Are the testimonials mentioned on the website believable?  Does the youth transport service offer past parents that you may contact along with other references?
  • Is the transport service willing to meet prior to the actual time of transport?
  • Is the service currently in any settled or unsettled law suites?  Do they provide transportation for youth treatment programs that have a high reputation legally and ethically? 
  • Is the transportation service receiving compensation from the youth programs they transport to?  Is the transport service connected in any way to the youth program or school? 
  • What are your main concerns in using a  transport service?  Be careful of transport services that offer exceedingly low transport prices.  These are often the services that do not operate ethically.  You will get what you pay for in the teen transport and treatment program industry.  However, the most expensive is not necessarily the best either.  Remember what is important and after those needs are met, then focus on the safety and cost effectiveness of the transport.

New Start Transports meets the needs and wants of the teens, parents, family members, consultants, and programs we provide services to.  We would love to have your consideration as a transport service.  Please let us know what we can do to help!

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