Adolescent Transport Agency: How To Choose

We recognize that choosing the right Adolescent Transport Agency, may be challenging. Often parents that research and contact multiple transport services, quickly learn that prices can vary quite drastically between each agency. Parents who ask questions, may be surprised that many agencies may have a completely different answer and/or approach from another. The following is some information that parents and referring professionals may find helpful in choosing the right transport agency for a child.

  • First, it is important to understand that at this time there are is no specific licensing for adolescent transport agencies. While these services can obtain a business license, there are no requirements specific to transporting adolescents.
  • Insurance coverage that is specific to the transportation of adolescents is not something that is required and therefore many transport agencies do not and/or cannot carry this. This insurance policy is expensive, but all qualified transport services do carry it.
  • The use of law enforcement approaches such as but not limited to the use of mechanical restraints, such as handcuffs, are generally not covered by insurance providers. While the use of mechanical restraints may be allowed in certain situations, transport procedures that make the use of mechanical restraints a standard procedure may not be legal or ethical. While there are not specific laws at this time regulating transport services, handcuffing or restraining a person without cause may be considered abuse. In choosing a transport service, be sure to clarify their approach.
  • An adolescent transport agency, is not a law enforcement agency. Thus, presenting or acting as such may be considered unethical and possibly illegal.
  • The adolescent transportation industry is a very sporadic industry that seems to attract a great deal of start up agencies with a high staff turn over rate. Look for on-line staff biography pages and other items that provide evidence not only of their qualifications, but that they are a regular transport staff. Having experienced and trained staff can be very important in the adolescent transport process.
  • California is at this time, the only state to have any type of law or regulation for adolescent transport services. California requires all transport services operating in their state to be registered with TrustLine. TrustLine is a background clearance agency. While California has made this requirement, there is currently very little regulation of this law.
  • For more information on choosing the most qualified adolescent transport service, we urge you to contact us toll free at 1-877-258-2423.

Please feel free to also view our Adolescent Transport Service Caution page for more information.

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