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Christian wilderness therapy programs are similar to wilderness programs, with an emphasis in Christian beliefs and principles.  These programs will often have a stronger component of Christian spirituality offered to their troubled teen and parent participants.  Christian church leaders and members of a Christian church may make up all or a vast majority of the wilderness programs' staff.  The structure of Christian wilderness programs may be more specific in its teachings and standards of living like Christ.  Most of the parents that place their teens in these programs are probably of Christian belief and/or feel that the teachings and belief in Christ can greatly help their struggling child. 

Wilderness programs generally emphasize a spiritual component of oneself and encourage meditation and personal spirituality.  Christian wilderness programs may offer more therapy and teachings in direct relationship and support to Christ and His teachings. 

The same skills and opportunity may be offered in Christian wilderness therapy programs as most general wilderness programs, but the following may only be offered in Christian based programs:

  • Scripture study - this may be daily and done individually and as a group and may include group discussion on scriptures and how they may relate to experiences in the wilderness and life.  Therapy may also include the use of scriptures.
  • Prayer - this will most likely take place individually and as a group.  It will happen daily and prayer may be implemented before, during, and after individual and group therapy for both the teens and parents at home.  Prayers may also be required and offered at meal time and before, during, and/or after other daily events. 
  • Church - a Christian church leader may come out weekly and provide church services for Christian based wilderness programs.
  • Christian Terminology - the names of the phases of the wilderness program and other things may be in more relation to names and terminology of Christian beliefs.

These are just a few of the possible items that may be more emphasized in a Christian Wilderness Therapy Program.  For more information on possible Christian wilderness programs for your teen or even other types of Christian and/or non-christian programs, please consult with an educated professional for advice and council.  Please contact us for information and for who to contact for educated advice on Christian Wilderness Programs.

As former participants of wilderness therapy programs, we understand that an emphasis on Christ and His teachings can be helpful to a troubled teen and parent.  Please click here to learn more about the staff we employ and our personal and professional qualifications!

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