Transport Definition: Kid

Here are a couple kid definitions that are applicable to the view of New Start Transports:

  • Child: a young person of either sex.
  • Child: a human offspring (son or daughter) under 18 years of age.

We offer help to kids and their families during a potential moment and time of crisis. Kids require a significant amount of attention, respect, care, and much more. Helping kids and their families is important to New Start Transports.

Our New Start Commitment To Kids:

'The kids we serve will receive the appropriate level of integrity, compassion, and respect before, during, and after the time of transport.'

We want to be able to provide kids with a positive and open view of the programs we transport to. We believe this allows us to increase their likability of openness and willingness to the chosen program, the moment they arrive.

Kids in today's society face many challenges that kids of yesterday's society did not. The opportunity for kids to make poor decisions is seeming to increase at an out of control pace. Many American politicians and citizens are focusing on the economy, environment, terrorists, and many other issues that carry a significant amount of importance. However, the crime and poor choices of kids are still continuing to increase. Perhaps more emphasis and attention should be given to kids today. Whether we are doing enough is difficult to say. However, it is clear, that our society will need to put a great deal of focus on our kids if we are to expect them to rise above all of the negative opportunity that is so easily accessible today.

Negative opportunity in the following areas is seeming to increase among American kids: drug abuse, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, poor educational performance and attendance, domestic violence, crime, gangs, violence, running away, disrespect to parents and authority, depression, lack of direction, and much more.

New Start Transports understands that we, alone, cannot improve our society for all kids of today and the future. However, we strive to treat the kids we serve with the appropriate amount of care, attention, and respect needed to offer opportunity of positive change, which we refer to as a New Start. Please contact us with any questions regarding the safe and caring transportation of a kid you know or for more information on helping a kid.

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