Transport Interventions for Dr. Phil

6th Dr. Phil Youth Transport

It has been 2 years since Dr. Phil provided an on air thank you and recognition of his use of New Start Transports to meet the transportation needs of some of his troubled teen guests.

In January of 2009, we received yet another opportunity to serve a Dr. Phil referred youth client. We are happy to announce that the transport of the teenage male was a success and he arrived at the Dr. Phil recommended program safely and without incident.

As always, New Start Transports enjoys its opportunity to support Dr. Phil's referred youth clients. We look forward to supporting his and other clients in the future!

As Seen On Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil has provided multiple on and off air referrals to New Start Transports. Please click here to read about the Dr. Phil interventions we have provided to teen clients.

New Start Transports would like to again express our appreciation to both the Dr. Phil show and the educational youth programs he uses for the increased opportunity of serving more families and teens.

5th Dr. Phil Client in 12 Months!

It was approximately 12 months ago, that Dr. Phil provided an on air thank you and recognition of his use of New Start Transports to meet the transportation needs of some of his troubled teen guests.

New Start Transports was recently recommended for the 5th time in 12 months to a Dr. Phil client. This particular teen was a former guest on the Dr. Phil show. Fortunately, Dr. Phil was willing to still offer placement of the teen in an Outdoor Wilderness Program.

As each family and teen carries unique needs, New Start Transports felt it was important to encourage the parents to find troubled teen transport assistance locally. As far as we know, the former Dr. Phil guest arrived to his destination safely and is now partaking of the opportunity provided by both Dr. Phil and the Outdoor Wilderness Program.

While New Start Transports was the initial recommended service to this particular teen and family, each teen and family has unique needs. We are happy that this Dr. Phil client was able to have his needs met.

We look forward to supporting future Dr. Phil troubled teen clients and the programs he recommends!

Dr. Phil #4 (continued)

We wanted to update our website viewers of the successful completion of the most recent Dr. Phil show client intervention. Clint and Alicia, of the New Start Transport team, were thankful for another great opportunity to provide teen intervention and transportation services for a teen ranch located in Utah. It is always great to be able to not only provide a smoother and safer transition for the teen, but to know that we are transporting to a highly qualified program that Dr. Phil recommends.

New Start Transports not only values the importance of our family intervention and teen transportation services, but the actual program location of where the struggling teen is placed. We will be happy to support the programs that Dr. Phil recommends in the future to his guests.

Dr. Phil #4

New Start Transports is happy to have the opportunity to assist another troubled teen in the safe transportation to a youth program offered by the Dr. Phil Show. While not all families choose to take advantage of a youth program for their teen while on the show, it is still being offered to this mother and daughter. We will post our update of the safe intervention and transportation provided by our youth transport team.

New Start Transports continues to be happy to support the programs recommended by the Dr. Phil show. It is great to see parents and teens that would not be able to afford the help, on their own, receive such great opportunities at the charitable donation of the troubled teen programs that the Dr. Phil show works with. We wish all of these parents and their teens our best!

Dr. Phil #3

New Start Transports was contacted in early 2007 for a third time to offer safe intervention and transportation for troubled youth on the Dr. Phil Show. Although the Dr. Phil show offers the parents opportunity for their child, the parents still have to choose to have their child transported to the youth program offered. Although our service was offered, the parents chose not to move forward at this time with transportation. We look forward to future interventions with Dr. Phil Show guests and all other families and youth that may be in need of our youth transportation services.

Dr. Phil Again

New Start Transports was invited to help a second time for the Dr. Phil show in 2006. The teen girl decided to take the opportunity of the teen program the Dr. Phil show found for her on her own. New Start Transports was on stand by during the Dr. Phil House intervention and President, Clint, and Executive Assistant, Alicia, enjoyed a free vacation in Hollywood. Although, Clint and Alicia were excited to intervene, they were happy that she was able to make the choice of treatment on her own. Clint is a former participant of two troubled youth / teen programs and Alicia over came an eating disorder herself as a teenage girl facing the challenges and pressures of what society seems to expect teenage women to look like. With this personal experience backed by their professional expertise they were happy to represent New Start Transports for a second time at the Dr. Phil show. New Start Transports received their second special thanks from the show and looks forward to supporting family interventions in the future!

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil recognized New Start Transports as the service his show regularly uses to transport his guests to programs. New Start Transports' President, Clinton Hardy, was asked to come out and support the transport of Kimberly, a troubled teen, to a wilderness program in Utah. Dr. Phil gave an on air thank you to New Start Transports and mentioned that his show uses their service for the transportation of troubled youth on their show from one location to another. A few minutes of the intervention, was on air. In the on air intervention, it was easy to recognize the sincerity and respect of Clint and his assistant toward Kimberly. Kimberly was very upset, but willing chose to de-escalate and work with the New Start Transports team. Clint was happy to represent New Start Transports in supporting an opportunity for a struggling teen to turn her life around!

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