Educational Consultants

An Educational Consultant provides advice and counsel to help students and family choose a school or program that is best matched to their behavioral, emotional, and academic objectives and needs. According to the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), consultant specialities include: (1) college admission, (2) day & boarding school, (3) graduate and professional schools, (4) at-risk children and teens, (5) international studies, and (6) learning disabilities. When parents hire an educational consultant they should expect the process to begin with an evaluation. Such evaluation is to identify the strengths and abilities of the student, along with educational objectives. As part of the evaluation process, especially for at-risk children and teens, the consultant may recommend additional testing for psychological and academic assessment. After the evaluation period, a consultant will then provide the family with a variety of educational options. With these options, a consultant will offer critical information to help a family decide which may be most appropriate. In order to assist parents with the many available options, consultants will often offer their recommendations and advice.

Independent Educational Consultants will generally charge a fee for their services. These fees should be disclosed upfront before services are provided. Consultants that provide services without charging the families are most likely receiving commission payments, known as "kick-backs," from the programs or schools they are recommending. Such consultants are not independent and these practices are deemed unethical by most professional consultant organizations.

To find an educational consultant specializing in At Risk Teens, please contact us. For further information in finding a consultant and to learn more about the process, refer to the links below.

  • Behavioral & Emotional Needs, also known as Special Needs, Consultants - These consultants typically serve the troubled child and teenager population.
  • Professional Consultants Organizations - There are several consultant organizations with requirements for membership.
  • Finding a Special Needs Consultant to help with a troubled teen or preteen adolescent - New Start provides its counsel on discerning and seeking out a qualified educational consultant.
  • Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) - The IECA is a professional body of consultants that enforces specific ethical guidelines among its member consultants.
  • National Association of Therapeutic Programs and Schools (NATSAP) - NATSAP offers membership to both programs, troubled teen professionals, and educational consultants who agree to follow the NATSAP Principles of Good Practice.
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