Family Agreement For Early Intervention

When a family comes to an agreement for early intervention therapy for a troubled teen, the intervention process can begin. Early intervention therapy may be one or more of the following, depending upon the teen and their situation:

  • Out of home placement in a residential treatment center, therapeutic boarding school, outdoor wilderness program, and/or any other out of home therapeutic placement.
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy with peer support
  • Family Intervention
  • Troubled Teen Transport - New Start Transports
  • Help of another educated professional

These are only a few of the possible early intervention therapy options the a family can agree on for a troubled teen. Unfortunately there can be many negative and permanent consequences to teens when a family does not come to an agreement for needed therapy intervention early enough. Here are some negative affects of when therapeutic intervention is procrastinated too long:

  • Juvenile and/or adult incarceration
  • Drug and/or alcohol overdose
  • Accidental pregnancy
  • Rape
  • Miscarriage
  • Death
  • Criminal convictions

There are also many other negative consequences that may result depending upon the teen and circumstances.

Family agreement for early intervention therapy can provide a troubled teen with an early opportunity for change and intervention before circumstances escalate further. Many teens have been able to change their lives and future because of parents and family members agreeing to intervene.

A professional licensed and insured teen transport service can provide additional support for an early intervention for therapy if parents are placing their child in an out of home placement and the teen is not cooperative with the placement option. New Start Transports provides the safe and personalized intervention and transport of troubled teens to therapeutic help throughout the United States. We were founded by former troubled teen and parent participants of early interventions for therapy that greatly enhanced our ability to succeed in our future. This perspective and our professional expertise has allowed us a great advantage over our competitors in providing the most caring teen intervention and transport service available to parents and their teens.

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