Topics Of Family Intervention For Addiction

Topics of family intervention for addiction can be addressed in many ways.  Many people may have unique view points on the topic of family intervention.  Family intervention is an intervention involving family members of a person suffering from an addiction, designed to benefit both the addict and family unit.  The following is a list of professionals and/or services that families can be contacted for further discussion on the topics of family intervention for addiction:

  • Professional Interventionist
  • Licensed Therapist specializing in the treatment of addiction
  • Specialized Psychologist
  • Professional Youth Transport Service - New Start Transports 
  • Educational Consultant or other educated placement professional

In preparing a family intervention for a family member struggling with addiction, it is important to educate the family members that addiction to drugs and alcoholism is a family disease and many of its harmful side affects may have already caused many negative affects on the addict and family.  Additional topics of family intervention for addiction should be addressed before the intervention takes place.  These topics may include:

  • Educating family on the nature and consequences of drug and alcohol addiction to both the addict and family
  • Helping family to recognize specific ways that addiction is harming person and family
  • Sometimes it is helpful for a former addict to share his/her experience with a family as a former addict and why he/she did many of the harmful things to their family before recovery

There are many additional topics of addiction that can be discussed and considered before a family intervention occurs.  It is important for all family members to have thoroughly prepared and discussed all topics of addiction and family's approach before the intervention occurs.  Speaking to an educated and experienced professional on these topics of addiction and family intervention can be helpful.

In the event that a family intervention is chosen for a troubled teen suffering from an addiction, the use and presence of a youth transport service, New Start Transports, could be considered.  Our youth transport service provides safe intervention and transportation of at-risk teens that may be unwilling to accept treatment at the time of intervention.  This is one topic that should be discussed by parents, professional interventionist, and New Start Transports in advance of family intervention.

Please contact New Start Transports with any further questions on any topics of family intervention for addiction!

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