Specific Insurance for Youth & Teen Transport

New Start Transports - Insured Specifically For The Transportation Of Youth To Troubled Teen Program Facilities

Youth Transport Insurance can be very costly and difficult for many companies to obtain. As there is not specific licensing in many American states for at-risk youth transportation services, specific liability insurance is not currently enforced and regulated by sate or federal laws. Youth transport companies that are qualified and ethically helping families and teens have and can acquire specific liability insurance coverage for the transportation of youth, teens, or minors across the United States of America and world wide.

As a professionally licensed and insured youth transportation service founded by former parent and teen program participants, we professionally and personally know the importance of providing our family clients with the greatest amount of safety and confidence. New Start Transports does carry liability insurance that specifically covers the transportation of youth to the treatment programs chosen by the parent guardians of the child.

Warning to Parents and Programs: Be sure to clarify that the transport procedures and approaches offered by the youth transport company you may be working with, are covered by their insurance. While there is specific youth transportation liability insurance, it rarely covers law enforcement approaches and the use of mechanical restraints. In our research we have discovered many companies that use mechanical restraints as mandatory transport procedures. Please ask the youth transport company you are speaking with about the amount of physical and mechanical restraints they use and are bonded for.

As former parents and teens in similar crisis situations, we understand the importance of providing a safe intervention and transport that is professionally bonded and insured. Our standard youth transport procedures do not include the use of mechanical restraints; we only offer nonviolent crisis physical intervention when safety requires it. Throughout each intervention we implement the New Start Transport principles of Integrity, Compassion and Respect. We also support the NCI (nonviolent crisis intervention) model of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security to each potentially crisis situation we provide services to.

Please review our Transport Caution Page for more things to consider before choosing a youth transportation service.

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