National and International Youth Transport: Troubled Teen, At-risk

Youth Transportation services are offered nationally and internationally. While there may be many youth transport services available, it is important for parents, programs, and referring professionals to consider a few of the following items in the national youth transport service they choose.

National and/or International Youth Transport Liability Insurance: Does the youth transport service you are considering have the correct liability coverage that specifically covers the transporting of youth to programs. We have discovered that many youth transport services, may not actually carry insurance and/or an insurance policy that is specifically written for the transportation of youth. While credible transport services can and do carry this coverage, the lack of regulation, high costs, and limited amount of polices prevent many unqualified youth transport services from obtaining it.

National and/or International Youth Transport Procedures: Does the youth transport company you are considering follow transport policies and procedures that are covered and/or bonded by their insurance carrier. New Start Transports has discovered that many policies such as but not limited to the following may not be fully covered by youth transport insurance providers: the use of mechanical restraints (handcuffs, leg irons, zip ties, other types of artificial restraints) and rental car insurance (rental insurance is usually a separate policy). We have also found that many of the services that operate with standard policies and procedures similar to law enforcement, may not actually carry insurance specifically for the transportation of youth.

National and/or International Youth Transport Staff Training: Does the youth transport service you are considering provide adequate training for its transport employees and associates? What training do they provide as a youth transport service? Do they actually provide the training or do their staff receive training from other sources of employment. We have discovered that many transport services may not provide accredited training for the staff they employ. Please look closely into the training standards of any youth transport service you may consider.

How long has the national and/or international youth transport service been in business: How long has the youth transport business been operating? There are many companies that seem to start up and fade away in the transport industry. We believe that much of this may be due to the lack of licensing requirements at this time. The troubled youth transport industry is not regulated by the state or federal government.

California TrustLine Registry for National Youth Transport Escort Services: Are their transport staff registered with the California TrustLine, which is a required background clearance by the state of California? At this point, California appears to be the only state that offers any kind of regulation over the youth transport services that transport youth in or out of California. Although TrustLine is a requirement, we have found that it may not be sufficiently enforced and/or monitored.

National and/or International Youth Transport Staff Requirements: What are the requirements that the Youth Transport service you are considering have in the staff they hire and use? As the troubled youth transport industry is mostly unregulated, the standards of staff may greatly vary from company to company.

Transport website: How informative is the youth transport website? Do they openly display their transport procedures, management, and other youth transport staff information? Making the decision to have a child escorted by strangers can be a very tough decision. Make sure the service you consider, openly posts its information on both its company and staff's standards for you, as parents, to view it.

Unknown affiliations: Does the national youth transport service, you are considering have affiliations with the youth programs that you may not be aware of?

Teen Program Support and Quality Assurance: How familiar is the youth transport service with the programs they transport to? Will they be able to adequately prepare your child for the program you are choosing? The transport is a time of transition for a youth from his/her home (or place of pick up) to the chosen program facility of the parent guardians. The more familiar a service and its staff may be with the programs they support, may offer a greater ability to more efficiently transition your child.

Overall Feel: Always trust your gut. Do you feel confident that the youth transport service you are considering will provide the safe transportation of your child to the youth program facility you chose?

New Start Transports is aware of all your concerns and the needs of your child. As many of us have been in similar situations personally, we value the integrity, compassion, and respect that you and your child deserve. We founded New Start Transports in order to ensure the highest level of comfort and confidence to both the parents and youth during the transition to the program. Please click here to read more about our youth transport service.

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