Mediation Services: Youth, Adults, and Parents

We primarily offer mediation services to gain a struggling individual's cooperation to participate in a treatment program. However, mediation can often be used in many situations. The following is a list of situations where New Start Transports has offered its mediation services:

  • The transport of a youth or young adult to a treatment program or school.
  • If a child does not want to return home and may be classified as a runaway.
  • If an individual is using drugs or other harmful chemicals.
  • During a family fight or dispute.
  • Poor academic performance.
  • Dangerous behaviors by an individual.
  • Any time that one or more parties of a family dispute may feel that outside mediation could help.

If you or someone you know are in need of mediation services, please contact us for more information. In the event that a client may be in need of mediation services that require more qualifications than we may have, we will offer a list of educated professionals as a resource to our client(s).

Reasons To Choose Us For Mediation:

  1. New Start Transports was founded by former teen, adult, and parent participants of mediation services. At one point we needed professional mediation in our lives. We are now happy to offer a mediation service that serves teens, adults, and parents on a very personal but professional level.
  2. We have never received a parent or child complaint on our services. We put a great amount of care and planning into each mediation and in return have received successful outcomes. Please click here for a list of some of our client testimonials.
  3. We employ the best staff in the crisis intervention industry. Please click here for a specific list of our staff.
  4. While we believe that we have all of the necessary professional credentials, we believe that the most important aspect of our service lies in our sincere care and concern for what we do and who we serve. We feel the best reason a parent, teen, adult, or program can choose us is because of the amount of care we have with those whom we serve and the way we do it.

Please click here to contact us and learn more about why we care so much.

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