Transport Price Information

New Start Transports (NST) provides an all-inclusive price for our services. We structure our fee in this manner not only for the convenience of our clients, but to ensure the management of safe and efficient travel arrangements. They include, but are not limited to, airfare, car rentals, lodging, food, miscellaneous travel expenses, and all the other professional fees associated with NST. Because of the changing variables in NST's expenses, our fees vary with each client. For a specific price estimate, please contact an NST Transport Consultant.

NST understands that the process to place a child in a program, which involves the transport, is a significant financial and emotional investment for a family. A lot is at stake including the future child-parent relationship and the success of a struggling child. NST's prices allow us to provide the level of services best suited to protect this investment.

When a parent is comparing NST's fees to that of another service, they should take our professional qualifications into account. Please click here to view our business qualifications page.

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