Kids Care Residential Treatment Program

We understand the importance of your kids care in a residential treatment program. We were founded by former kid and parents of troubled kid participants of residential treatment. This unique perspective has been an added strength to our professional ability to assist kids in need of care during the transport to the residential treatment facility.

Some kids need a structured out-of-home placement for their behavioral/emotional problems. A residential treatment program provides 24-hour care with counseling, therapy and trained staff. Kids are placed in residential treatment only after their families have unsuccessfully tried other ways to help the child. A kid may need residential treatment for his/her own safety or for the safety of others. Kids care residential treatment works best when the family is involved through family counseling.

New Start Transports provides 2 trained transport staff for 24-hour supervision and assistance of at-risk kids to treatment programs. Our kid transport staff are trained in nonviolent crisis intervention and provide a caring and safe atmosphere for anxious and upset children. Our kid transport process is most effective when parents and family members follow the procedures of our youth transport service.

Here are some related definitions to "kids care residential treatment program" that we have researched:

  • Crisis Kid Residential Treatment Services: Short-term, twenty-four hour a day help provided in a non-hospital setting during a crisis. For example, when a kid becomes aggressive and uncontrollable, in addition to in-home supports, a parent can temporarily place the kid in a crisis residential treatment program. The purposes of this care are to avoid inpatient hospitalization, help stabilize the kid, and determine the next appropriate step. (Part of definition taken from
  • Residential Treatment Program: The term "Residential Treatment Program" means a kid-care institution that provides residential care and treatment for emotionally disturbed kids and adolescents. The facility must be accredited as a residential treatment program by the Council on Accreditation, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals or the American Association of Psychiatric Services for Children. (Parts of definition taken from information found on

Transporting a kid to a residential treatment program requires a great deal of care. New Start Transports offers the care, support, and professional qualifications needed to transport kids safely to treatment centers nation and wold wide. Please consult the appropriate professional before making placement arrangements for your child in a kids care residential treatment program.

Please contact new start transports if you are considering placing your child in the care of a residential treatment program for kids.

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