Residential Programs For Troubled Teens In Los Angeles

We understand that there is a growing need for residential programs for troubled teens in Los Angeles, California and its surrounding areas. Due to the state laws that seem to limit the amount of authority parents and residential programs have over troubled youth in Los Angeles, many parents, school districts, and even courts are placing children out of state for treatment. Other states such as Utah, Idaho, Oregon, North Carolina, and several others have laws that allow troubled teen programs to keep youth in their care, even if the child does not agree with it. Since many troubled teens are not in the state of mind to accept help when they may need it, parents, school districts, and court case managers are offered more control in placing a child out of Los Angeles and the state of California.

Los Angeles and its surrounding areas do have troubled teen residential programs available and willing to help. However, the troubled teen still has the right to refuse the treatment program and can leave at any time. With many of these programs costing a good sum of money, parents and school districts seem to be favoring placing their troubled teen in a state that will not allow the troubled teen to leave at his/her discretion. In many cases, placing a troubled teen out of state can be more cost affective to parents and school districts of the Los Angeles area. Residential programs for troubled teens in Utah is one example of this. Utah's cost of living and employee wages are much lower than that of Los Angeles. While, costs are still not cheap many parents and school districts may find it more cost affective and safer to place their troubled children in Utah versus the Los Angeles and surrounding area.

New Start Transports can provide the parents, school districts, and court case managers of Los Angeles with information on residential programs for troubled teens in and outside of the California area. We specialize in the safe transportation of troubled youth to to residential programs throughout the United States. While it may be difficult for a troubled teen program to treat an unwilling child, our youth transport service can offer transportation in Los Angeles to a secure residential program for teens.

Please contact New Start Transports for more information regarding residential programs for troubled teens in Los Angeles and how to safely transport a troubled teen to help!

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