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New Start Transports maintains an employer/employee relationship with its therapeutic transport professionals, as this provides the greatest protection to our clients and professional staff.

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Clinton Jace Hardy

President and Transport Interventionist

Clinton received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Minor in Family Studies and Human Development from the University of Utah, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with Honors and received a Research Scholar Designation. He was also awarded two scholarships for his academic achievements and two research grants. Since 2000, Clint has worked in the following capacities: independent living home provider for state custody youth and young adults, counselor at four separate teen residential programs, and transport interventionist for three other transport companies. Most recently, he has served as President/Director of Operations of New Start Transports since its founding in 2005. He is also a regular volunteer and advocate for empirical research within the adolescent treatment field. As an adolescent, Clint participated in an outdoor wilderness therapy program and two residential treatment settings. At age 16, he and his mother escorted his younger brother, Jacob, to a wilderness treatment program in Utah. Clint believes it is the amount of personal involvement that he had as an adolescent that has led him to a life and professional career involved with and devoted to working with struggling adolescent teenagers and families. Through the support of his family and his faith in God he was able to find the strength and resolve to change the direction of his life to a much better path today. He finds great happiness and increased satisfaction in working with adolescent teens and their families. Further, Clint has provided transport interventions and transport consultation services to parents throughout the United States (and abroad), the Dr. Phil Show, news radio networks, television production companies, and more. He founded NST in an effort to improve the level of integrity, compassion, and respect provided to adolescents and families during the transport admissions process into treatment. Additionally, he has successfully led and coordinated more than 1000 transport admissions. He has been certified as a trainer and instructor for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) and maintains his CPR and First Aid trainings. He is also trained in Positive Control Systems (PCS) and Mandt. Clint is married to his wife Alicia and they are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters.

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Cynthia Strobell, RN

Board Member

Cindy has been a registered nurse for 15 years. She has worked in the medical field for 23 years. She also spent two years working in the local school district tutoring youth who struggled with academics and behavior. She is a mother to three natural children and five step-children. She has personal experience dealing with youth programs as a parent of two sons needing these programs during their teen years. She assisted in the emotional and physical transport of one of her sons. This was a very difficult event both emotionally and physically. Her initial anxiety would have been greatly reduced if she had the resources to use a transport intervention service. However, she has been able to see both of her sons change directions in their lives and become contributing members of her family and society. She believes that her sons were able to gain valuable insights in the youth programs they attended. She is proud of both of her sons’ contributions to help struggling youth and their families to have a new start in their lives.

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Jacob Hardy

Training Instructor, Intake Coordinator, and Transport Interventionist

Jacob received his Bachelor in Criminal Justice from UNLV and received Presidential recognition as the top graduating student of his class. Jacob has dedicated his entire professional career to helping troubled teens and has worked in the adolescent treatment industry for over 10 years. Jacob also brings a very personal element into his work. As an adolescent, at the age of fifteen, he (along with Clinton) participated in a wilderness therapy program. His mother (Cindy) and older brother (Clint) transported him alone without any outside assistance or training. The entire transport process was an emotional and physical battle between him, his brother, and mother. This experience helped motivate him to want to provide a service to other families--parents and adolescents--that would bring a professionally-trained person to intervene and assist during the transport period into treatment. Jacob has successfully led and coordinated over 500 adolescent transport interventions and has been with NST since its founding in 2005. In addition to his roles with NST, he also operates a group home outside of Las Vegas. He has been certified as an instructor for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) and maintains his CPR and First Aid trainings. He has also been certified as a training instructor for Positive Control Systems (PCS).

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Alicia H.

Administrative Assistant and Assistant Transport Interventionist

Alicia has been with New Start Transports since 2006.  Prior to New Start Transports she spent five years working with disabled and mentally ill adults in a Utah state facility.  She also took a year and a half break from college and work to serve a full-time church service mission in northern Michigan.  Alicia is married to Clinton Hardy, President, of New Start Transports.  She is trained in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI), Mandt, and maintains her CPR and First Aid trainings.


Simanua "Sim" T.

Transport Interventionist

Sim brings over 20 years of experience working with youth in both the public and private youth program industry. In 1991, he received his Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management with a Minor in Youth Leadership from Brigham Young University. Sim has sat on various youth boards and committees in both the private and public sector. He was born in Samoa and raised in Hawaii before moving to Provo, UT to attend Brigham Young University on a football scholarship. He is currently a state case manager for the State of Utah and a high school football and rugby coach. He has been with New Start Transports since 2005. Sim is a certified instructor in Integrated Crisis Response (ICR). He trains all of the case mangers for the State of Utah in his region. He is also trained in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI), Positive Control Systems (PCS), CPR, and First Aid.


Esperanza T.

Transport Interventionist and Staff Hiring Assistant

Esperanza brings over 15 years of experience working with struggling youth in both private and public programs. She was born and raised in Kailua, Hawaii. She is currently a youth counselor for the State of Utah's Juvenile Justice Services Division. She is married and mother of six children. She has been with New Start Transports since 2005 and is trained in the following: Integrated Crisis Response (ICR), Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI), Positive Control Systems (PCS), Mandt, First Aid, and CPR.


Tuapasi "Tua" U.

Transport Interventionist

Tua currently works in the youth corrections department for the State of Utah while assisting New Start Transports. Tua attended college on a football scholarship at San Jose State in Southern California after completing a two-year service mission for his church in Tonga where he was born and raised. Tua is now living in Provo, Utah with his wife and two children. He has been with New Start since 2007. Tua is trained in Integrated Crisis Response (ICR), Positive Control Systems (PCS), Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI), CPR and First Aid. Tua adds a big heart to the New Start team.


Craig B.

Transport Interventionist

Craig brings a unique perspective to our team as he was transported by New Start Transports when he was 17 years old. Along with supporting us, he is a full-time student at BYU. He also served a mission for his Church in the state of Washington. Craig is an instructor in Positive Control Systems (PCS) and is also trained in CPR, and First Aid.


Shyanne K.

Transport Interventionist

Shyanne received her Bachelor's in Physical Education with a Minor in Health, while attending college on a soccer scholarship. Since 2008, Shyanne has worked as a counselor for Utah's Juvenile Justice Services. Shyanne is an instructor in Integrated Crisis Response (ICR) and is responsible for training all of the workers at her facility. Additionally, she is trained in Positive Control Systems (PCS), Suicide Prevention, First Aid, and CPR.


Heidi T.

Transport Interventionist

Heidi has been working with the Juvenile Justice Department of the State of Utah as a counselor since 1991. For 10 of these years, she was the State's training instructor for Positive Control Systems (PCS). She also enjoys coaching softball and is a proud wife and mother of five children ranging from ages 14 to 24. Additionally, she is trained in Integrated Crisis Response (ICR), CPR, and First Aid.


Lee E.

Transport Interventionist

Lee lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah with his wife and kids. He attended college at Utah Valley University. He has been a leader in the Boy Scouts of America for the last 10 years. After seeing some of the youth he was familiar with gain positive experiences from treatment programs, he decided to get more involved. He is trained in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI), CPR and First Aid.


Amanda M.

Transport Interventionist

Amanda received her Bachelor's in Psychology from BYU with a minor in Business Management. Throughout the course of her undergraduate studies she worked in a variety of rehabilitation and treatment centers. She has also participated as a volunteer in the United States and abroad in orphanages and other treatment facilities.


Abby P.

Transport Interventionist

Abby has been working as a youth transport associate of New Start Transports since 2005. She has also worked as a counselor and mentor for three of those years. She chose to enter into this line of work after personally participating in family therapy as a teen and losing a close friend to drug abuse. She is also currently employed in the medical field and is attending Utah Valley University. She is trained in Nonviolent Crisis intervention (NCI), Positive Control Systems (PCS), First Aid, and CPR.


Kalisi L.

Transport Interventionist

Kalisi, originally from New Zealand, moved to the United States after meeting her husband in California. In New Zealand, she had many opportunities to volunteer in working with youth. She is currently a wife and proud mother of two children. Kalisi is trained in Positive Control Systems (PCS), CPR, and First Aid.

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