Associations of the Troubled Teen

As the private sector of the troubled teen industry is not consistently regulated throughout the United States, this has possibly increased the opportunity for private teen programs such as the following to attempt and form professional organizations:

  • Outdoor Wilderness Treatment Programs
  • Educational Consultants
  • Therapeutic Programs and Schools
  • Youth Transport and Mediation Services
  • On-line Advertising and Information Services for Teen Help Industry

Here are some quick definitions of an Association:

  1. A formal organization of people or groups of people.
  2. affiliation: a social or business relationship.

The New Start Perspective:

We believe that there can be a great value to credible and accredited associations in the troubled teen industry. While the individual teen services in each association may be independent and unique from the others, this can serve as an additional sign of credibility to all the participating members.

We would caution parents, teens, family members, consultants, programs, teen transport and mediation services, and all other on-line viewers to look into the credibility of any mentioned association to confirm its reliability and also who the association specifically serves (as this may often reflect the benefit to you).

The following are a list of Associations that New Start Transports is currently aware of. While we are providing this list to on-line viewers, we do not endorse or claim that these associations are credible. Please look into each organizations web page for more detailed information.

  • OBHIC - Outdoor Behavioral Health Care Industry Council: This association is most applicable to programs and services that provide support and care utilizing the outdoors.
  • NATSAP - National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs: This association is applicable to all schools and programs of the troubled teen industry. While this organization does not include teen transport or mediation services in its membership, New Start Transports is an Individual Affiliate of NATSAP.
  • IECA - Independent Educational Consultants Association: This association is most applicable to educational consultants and family advocates. New Start Transports regularly attends the IECA conferences for the Special Needs portion.
  • ISPA - Independent Small Programs Alliance. Its members represent wilderness programs, residential treatment programs, latency age programs, boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, and transitional programs / emerging adult programs.
  • BBB OnLine Seal Verification. This is a Better Business Bureau Program that is applicable to on-line services.

The following is a list of other organizations or groups that are not actual associations to our knowledge:

  • AMATS - Association of Mediation and Transport Services. AMATS is a group that would be most applicable to teen transport and intervention services. New Start Transports does meet all of the standards and qualifications of the AMATS association members and also acknowledges the efforts of its members. We provide any documentation that is needed to any client, program, and/or consultant upon request.
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