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With over 100 million websites competing on Google alone for the words teen help and over 350 thousand competing for teen help as a key word phrase, finding the right website to help a teen may be a little more challenging that it may seem.   Some parents that may be desperately seeking and/or may not want to read all 100 million + website opportunities, may revert to clicking on the pay-per-click sites that appear under a teen help or similar search.  While this may seem much more time efficient, research has indicated that this may not always be the most reliable alternative for finding the qualified teen help you may be searching for.  

The Internet has proved to be not only a valuable tool to easily search for and find information, but also a great way to market to a countless amount of people.  Our recent Internet studies have indicated that over 100 thousand + people may be searching for the key words teen help in just a one month time period.  The number of parents, teens, and others searching for "teen help" is continually increasing.  While using the Internet can produce a great amount of information with a limited amount of effort, it can be important to understand how to discern the credible "teen help" sites from the not so credible. 

In doing this, it may first be important for a parent and/or Internet user searching for teen help to be able to differentiate the organic search engine results from the pay-per-clicks.  The top organic results are the websites that appear in the top ten search engine results on a search engine page.  These are websites that have ranked at the top, based on the amount of consistent content and hits they receive on their site.  The pay-per-click sites appear at the top and right side underneath the Sponsored Links title.  These are websites that are ranking where they are at solely based upon the money they are paying for their ranking.  Their rankings have nothing to do with their content or the amount of hits their websites may actually be receiving.  It may not be uncommon for some sites to use pay-per-click marketing to increase the amount of hits they are receiving, which may cause them to also boost in the organic section of the search engine results.

Ranking high organically for teen help is not necessarily a guarantee that this is a quality site, as ranking high on the Sponsored Links is not a guarantee that the teen help website will not provide the qualified information a parent may be searching for.  With this knowledge, it is important to know how to be able to further discern the credible teen help sites from the not so credible.  In looking for help for a teen, one can never be too careful.  Trusting advice for a troubled teen in need of help, may be one of the of great importance to a troubled teen and parents' future.  

As a quality troubled teen intervention / transportation and parent support service founded by former troubled teen and parent participants of youth programs, we understand the importance of this personally and professionally.  Here are some things to consider that may be helpful to find the credible and qualified teen help that you as a parent, teen, and/or Internet user may be searching for:

  • Always trust yourself.  Ask yourself if the website looks legitimate.  In viewing the website content, does it seem relevant and applicable to teen help? 
  • How much contact information is listed on the website?  Does it list only a way to contact through email and/or by a toll-free number with no way of knowing where or who you may be calling?  We strongly encourage parents, teens, and other Internet users to look for websites that are very specific with their contact information including but not limited to: an office address, phone number, company name, and so forth.  Make sure the website you are trusting for teen help, trusts you with their contact information.
  • Look for other specifics such as but not limited to: names of key company officers and employees, price disclosures, amount of website content, teen help philosophy, kinds of teen help approaches that they may use, and so on.
  • Look for credibility.  Many teen help programs, consultants, and help services may belong to credible business trade and licensing organizations.  If a teen help service is licensed and/or a member of an accredited organization they will most likely advertise this and make it very easy for website viewers to access.  We are familiar with the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) and any accredited membership and/or licensing that exists.
  • Be cautious of teen help websites that are claiming to offer free advice that may only include a recommendation to a troubled teen program that they claim no affiliation with.  It is not uncommon for teen help services to refer parents and troubled teens to specific programs at no cost to the parents.  However, the reality may be that these teen help services are more often than not receiving a nice "kick-back" and/or financial compensation from the programs and/or schools the teens are being placed in.  Be cautious of pushy services or services that will only refer specific teen help options.  Make sure the teen help website is open and honest with you as to where their financial interests are.  Many parents may choose educational consultants or other professionally educated outside sources for a referral of help for their teen.  This is always encouraged by New Start Transports. 
  • Look for qualifications in the people that you may contact at the website call center or through email.  What is their education status?  What licensing and educated training do they have to maintain for the teen help recommendations they offer.  Make sure that they give you a legitimate answer.  Make sure that their answer involves a qualification and/or certification that actually requires a significant amount of effort and training on their part to earn and maintain.
  • Ask for other parents and/or former troubled teens to personally speak to as a referral source of their service.  Please be cautious of teen help services that offer parents and teens financial compensation for referrals to their organizations.  Also take caution in listening to parent and/or teen advice from teen help services that offer any type of compensation to parents and teens for referrals such as but not limited to a free month's tuition at their school.
  • Also consider searching for any positive and/or negative on-line content about the teen help website and/or service you may be considering.  It is not uncommon to find information from satisfied and unsatisfied parents on-line. 
  • Again, trust yourself.  The most important thing in finding the right teen help you may be looking for as a parent, teen, and/or Internet user is to feel comfortable and confident with the advice you are receiving.  Be cautions of teen help services that offer guarantees and/or promises that may seem to good to be true.  Look for the teen help services that offer tools, information, resources, and then the accredited licensing and credentials to back it all up.
  • If you are viewing this information, we would encourage you to contact us for more information and advice or feel free to browse the rest of our website to learn more about New Start Transports

Please understand that the above mentioned suggestions are only a few ways to validate the teen help website you are viewing.  All of the information may not apply to each teen help site.  Please use your own good judgment and always consider contacting an educated professional such as but not limited to a: therapist, doctor, psychologist, educational consultant, and/or any other type of specialized degree that may be able to appropriately diagnose and recommend teen help. 

It is important to know and understand that thousands of parents are searching for help each month.  Only a portion are searching on the Internet.  Many of these parents and teens are finding the help they are searching for.  There are many qualified teen help services that are anxiously waiting to help and assist parents, teens, and their families so please do not hesitate to search for the teen help information you or a teen may desperately need.  We encourage you to make an educated decision in any teen help option you may consider and choose.

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