Troubled Teen: Holiday Teen Transport Advice

We have discovered that the holiday season may be a difficult time for parents of troubled teens. While the holidays may seem to offer a great opportunity for increased family vacation and other family fun time with school break, a troubled teen may use this time to increase in his/her defiance and negative acting out behaviors. As we recognize that many families will be placing their struggling teens in a program during the holiday season, we wanted to offer some suggestions to arranging a safe troubled teen transport during any holiday season.

Troubled Teen Transport Suggestions to Parents:

  1. Contact the teen transportation service to make travel arrangements as soon as you have finalized the placement decision for your teen.
  2. Only allow and specifically request that the teen transport service coordinates non-stop flights. This can be important, as delays occur more frequently during the holidays.
  3. Make sure the transport service is planning to take the first flight out in the morning once they have picked up your troubled teen. This will allow many other travel options to be available if any delays or cancellations take place. The traffic to and in the airports is usually less dense during the early morning. This may allow for increased security and safety of the transport of your child.
  4. If you live, or the transport may occur, in a sate where the weather may not be the best, please consider the following precautions:
    (a) Make sure the teen transport service uses a four wheel drive vehicle. Often troubled teen transport services may overlook safety to decrease costs. Please make sure the troubled teen transport service you choose, does not neglect a four wheel drive vehicle if the weather requires it.
    (b) Avoid long driving transports. Air travel is always safer than car travel. Often the teen transport staff may be tired during the time of transport. Driving for a long period of time in weather that requires full attention may not be the safest consideration for the transport of your teen.
    (c) Be sure that the teen transport service has a back up plan if the weather gets worse and be aware if you, as parents, could incur any additional charges if weather affects the transport.
  5. Always make sure that you are using a professionally licensed and insured troubled teen transportation service. Please verify that the teen transport service is bonded and insured for the transportation of your child. While this is always important, it may be more during the Holidays when the likelihood of accidents and other problems may be higher.
  6. Please make sure the teen transport service is taking all precautions during the holidays. Make sure you, as parents, feel comfortable with the plan of the transport for your troubled teen during this holiday season.

As it would be difficult to list every precaution that should be taken during a teen transport this Holiday Season, please feel free to contact New Start Transports for more information in how we can arrange the safest transport of your teen during their transition to the program facility you have chosen.

Season's Greetings!

Please review our teen transport procedures page and caution page for more information to consider in arranging a troubled teen transport.

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