Teen Transport

We define a Teen Transport as the transition of a teen from the place of pick-up to the destination chosen by their parent guardian(s). Our teen transport associates act as mediators between the parents, programs, and teens during the transition to the chosen facility. Often the teens we provide mediation and transportation services to are anxious and at-risk. By this, we mean the teens may not necessarily want to go to the destination the parent guardian(s) has made placement arrangements for. It is not uncommon for a teen to be unaware of the placement until our transport associates are present at the place of pick up.

Many of the Teens we provide Transport Intervention to may be involved in making some of the following negative choices:

  • Drugs, alcohol, and other substance abuse
  • The use of tobacco
  • Poor school performance
  • Defiant to parents and authority figures
  • Legal issues
  • Runaway history
  • Dishonesty
  • Physically acting out such as but not limited to: destruction of property, fighting, attempting suicide, and so on...
  • Stealing
  • Poor choice of friends
  • Family issues
  • Any other issues that a temporary, out of home placement may assist with

The place of pick up for a teen transport is most commonly at the home of the parent guardian(s) where the teen lives. Other places of possible pick up may include but are not limited to the following: adolescent hospitals, schools, treatment programs, a friend's home or other private residences, courts, police stations, work, airports, any other public or private location that we are authorized to pick up. It is important to know that New Start Transports may require the support of law enforcement in all pick ups away from the private home residence of the parent guardian(s) making the placement.

The placement and/or drop off location of the teen transport is usually a treatment program such as but not limited to the following: outdoor therapeutic wilderness program, specialty boarding school, Christian school, therapeutic program, residential treatment center, and any other private program placement for a troubled teen. We also provide teen transportation to the following locations: airports, hospitals, home, another parents home, schools, therapy, any location chosen by the parent guardian(s) of the teen. It is important to understand that we will only transport a teen with the consent of all applicable parent guardians. If a parent wishes to make an out of state placement of a teen, we must have both parent guardians permission or a court appointed document giving us permission to transport the teen.

The words transition, mediation, and intervention are very important in the New Start Transports' teen transport process.

  • Transition: we do more than just transport a troubled teen from point A to B, we transition the teen. This transition offers opportunity and time for a teen to be more prepared to arrive to the program.
  • Mediation: we mediate between the parent(s), teen, and program to give the teen an opportunity to cooperate with the program placement willingly without incident. We are not law enforcement and we use the tool of mediation rather than dictating and intimidation. All parties in our teen transport intervention process are equals, but the teen is required to cooperate with the requests of their parent guardian(s) as the law supports. We offer a third party intervention source, as we are not involved with the program and/or parent(s) making the placement. This outside source of mediation often makes it possible to transition a teen willingly to a program, without incident. 97% of our teen transports result without incident. We have a perfect track record in completing all teen transports with or without incident.
  • Intervention: New Start Transports directly intervenes with teens to provide a safe transition with as much opportunity for positive preparation for the program prior to their arrival. It is important to know that we offer an intervention for the troubled teens and families we work with. In this intervention, we do not attempt to nor do we solve the problems leading up to the placement but we work with the troubled teen and parent guardian(s) to transition the child as safely as possible while implementing the New Start Transport principles of Integrity, Compassion and Respect.

Choosing a Teen Transport Agency can be a very tough decision emotionally and financially. We strongly encourage parents and referring professionals to look into the insurance bonding of the teen transport service they choose or refer to along with other important credentials that would seem necessary to ensure a safe transport of a potentially at-risk and anxious teen. These are some of the credentials that we encourage you, as parents and professionals, to consider:

  • Insurance specific to the Teen Transport
  • A Business License for Teen Transportation
  • Accredited Crisis Prevention Training provided by the Teen Transport Agency
  • Qualifications and accountability of employees and/or contracted associates - review and look for personal pages on-line
  • References from both parents and professionals

These are only a few of the many things to consider in choosing a teen transport agency. Please contact us directly for more information in working with a safe and personalized teen transport service. Please also click here to view the teen transport staff we employ and how their qualifications may best serve you and an at-risk teen in need of a safe and caring intervention.

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