Utah: Troubled Teen and Youth Transport Service

Troubled teen help and youth transportation services are available in in Utah. Utah is the home of many troubled teen transport and help agencies that serve families throughout the United States and abroad. With over 60 private teen treatment programs and over 10 teen transport services based out of Utah, Utah can be viewed as a leader in the private teen help and youth transport industry for at-risk youth and their families. In October hearings were held in Washington regarding the ethicalness of the private teen treatment programs in America. Utah was specifically mentioned as the one state that has set high standards in its licensing and regulation of these treatment programs for at-risk teens. While the youth transport industry still seems to slide through the cracks when it comes to laws and regulation, Utah is also the home of some quality troubled teen and youth transport services,

As New Start Transports is a professionally licensed and insured troubled youth transportation service, based in Utah, we strive to serve troubled teens and their families in the Utah community as much as possible. We are familiar with many local programs and resources for teens and their families and are proud to be able to support the transition of over 100 Utah troubled youth each year. We are also pleased to support by transitioning over 100 out of state troubled teens to some of the quality Utah based programs each year.

The troubled teen help and youth intervention services found in Utah include some of the following:

  • Troubled teen and youth transportation services (New Start Transports)
  • Outdoor wilderness therapy camps
  • Residential treatment centers
  • Educational consultants
  • Teen Interventionists
  • Adolescent treatment hospitals
  • Specialty schools
  • Boarding schools
  • Therapeutic boarding schools
  • Therapeutic boys and girls ranches
  • Teen survival camps

For more information on the troubled teen help and youth transportation services offered in Utah and its surrounding areas please contact us. Please also feel free to stop by the New Start Transport office located in Draper, Utah.

While Utah is already the home of many troubled teen help and youth transport resources, the amount of these services appears to continue to be increasing in Utah. Here are a few of the factors that we believe may make Utah a hot spot for troubled teen and youth transport services:

  • Utah laws support teen treatment facilities and allow the parents the right to make treatment placement for their child against his/her wishes.
  • As Utah is the location of many troubled teen programs, it seems to make a good central location for youth transport services as well.
  • The costs of operating a treatment program may be less in Utah than many states.
  • Utah has a good amount of outdoors and has a very low crime rate in comparison with many other states.

While these are only a few of the thoughts we have, we would invite you to contact us and share your ideas on why Utah seems to be a hot spot for the private troubled teen and youth transport industry. Please click here to view the credentials of our youth transport associates that are based in Utah.

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