Financial Aid For Therapeutic Wilderness Programs

Parents may want to find financial aid for therapeutic wilderness programs. Financial costs of troubled teen help is not free and is usually not cheap. Many parents that place their troubled teen in therapeutic wilderness programs receive financial aid and/or assistance to cover the expenses of the placement. The following are items that pose a significant financial expense for parents considering the placement of troubled teens in therapeutic wilderness programs:

  • Therapeutic Wilderness Programs' Charges - these programs range anywhere from $200 to $450+ per day and the programs usually last 30 - 90 days. Many wilderness programs will charge an additional upfront fee for gear and supplies.
  • Teen Transport to Therapeutic Wilderness Program - often parents will be encouraged and choose to utilize the services of a professional troubled teen transport service. These transport services help transition and transport a troubled teen safely to a wilderness program, when he/she may be unwilling to cooperate with parent(s) requests to go. The transport fees usually range from $2000 to $4000. Airfare is usually an addition to this charge. Price of transport fee and airfare can vary on time and location of pick up. Please click here for more pricing information.
  • Educational Consultant / Placement Fees - often parents will receive the wilderness program's information from an educational consultant or troubled teen placement service. Educational consultants generally work directly for the parents and receive no financial compensation from the wilderness therapeutic programs they recommend. Their fees range from $1000 to $7500, depending on the consultant you are working with. Some parents will receive placement recommendation from a placement service that does not charge. Usually these services will be receiving financial kick backs and/or compensation from the therapeutic wilderness programs they refer to. Many of the wilderness programs that accept placements from such services may charge the parents an upfront admissions fee ranging from $1500 to $5000. Some or all of this fee, may go to the placement service that was said to be offering free advice to the parent(s)
  • Any Additional Travel and Placement Costs - many parents may come out and pick up their teen from the wilderness program at graduation. In some cases, teens are recommended to go on to more therapeutic treatment in a boarding school type atmosphere to help internalize changes before returning home from the wilderness program. Costs for these programs are usually at a lower rate, ranging from $100 to $350 per day. These rates largely depend on the amount of intensive therapy and school program offered.

When considering the above information, it is easy to understand why many parents may want to request financial aid for therapeutic wilderness programs. Here are some of the financial aid options that some parents may consider for therapeutic wilderness programs:

  • Educational Loans - parents may often consider or be encouraged to seek an educational loan for financial aid for wilderness programs. These loans are specifically designed to cover all of the costs involved in any type of educational placement of a teen. Often the interest rates for these types of loans can be very affordable. An educational loan can cover all of the above mentioned charges if set up accordingly. Please contact us for more information about obtaining an educational loan for a therapeutic wilderness placement of a troubled teen.
  • School Districts / Courts - in some states, laws many require that a school district and/or court is responsible to cover all and/or reimburse for all or some of the financial expenses of placing a teen in a therapeutic wilderness program. Please contact your local school district office for more information. Some parents seek the advice and help of an educational attorney. These are attorneys that fight for the school district and/or state to pay for or reimburse expenses of wilderness programs and other placements. All of the above charges may not be covered; please seek their council for more detailed information.
  • Grants / Reduced Rates - some programs may offer financial grants and/or a reduced rate to qualifying families. Usually financial grants and reduced rates are based on the income of a family. Please contact New Start Transports for information or if you are already working with a consultant or program, inquire of them.
  • Family / Close Friends - parents may seek the financial aid and help of a close family member or trusted friend. In these situations, a family member or friend that is providing the financial aid may be the one recommending and encouraging the wilderness placement. Most programs and/or professional services will not encourage parents to seek the help of a friend or family member. This is left up to the discretion and choice of the parent.

These are only a few of the commonly used methods that parents may seek for financial aid for therapeutic wilderness programs. We always advise parents to choose the best method that they feel most comfortable with. Please always consider consulting an educated professional before making final placement decisions with a therapeutic wilderness program.

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