Wilderness Escape Holiday Program

A wilderness escape holiday program, may be refereed to as a troubled teen wilderness program that allows youth to escape the difficult problems and challenges that may occur during the holidays. Often troubled teens may get into more trouble during the Holiday, as school and work is usually out. Teens seem to get into the most trouble when they are not kept busy. The Holiday and summer time can be a busy time for a teen wilderness program. Click here for more information on wilderness programs.

A wilderness escape holiday program, may also be referred to as a type of program that someone may participate in to escape the Holiday. This would most likely take place in the wilderness or outdoors and involve a lot of camping, hiking, fishing, and other related outdoor wilderness activities.

Both of the above mentioned references of a wilderness escape holiday program may contain some amount of therapy, structure, and activity. While adults may be more likely to participate in the second type of wilderness escape program, troubled teens are most likely to participate in the first. Troubled teen wilderness programs offer a teen an opportunity to escape their current living environment temporarily, to learn outdoor skills that are best taught in the wilderness. The teens are able to escape the daily routines of the Holiday and develop wilderness survival skills while participating in the therapy and treatment they may need. This type of program admits teens on a Holiday and throughout the rest of the year as needed.

Many troubled teens may not want to be willing and/or able to make the choice for help on their own. Parent(s) may be unable to safely transport their child to the wilderness program during the Holiday. In these circumstances, a parent(s) may be refereed to a professional troubled teen escort service. New Start Transports provides safe intervention and escorting 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We provide our escort services on all Holidays as we recognize the need for help and/or temporary escape for a teen can take place at any time.

Please contact us for more information on a wilderness escape holiday program for a troubled teen that may benefit from a temporary outdoor therapeutic experience. It may be helpful to consider a program that has membership and/or affiliation with a credible association. Please click here to view the rest of our site for more information on a safe and caring teen escort during the Holiday.

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