Youth and Teen Transportation Services

New Start Transports is a professionally licensed, insured, and trained Youth Transportation Service.  We specialize in mediating safe transitions of at-risk youth to various treatment programs.  Our youth transportation service includes the following credentials that make us one of the most viable services in the youth transportation industry:

  • Our Personal Experience seems to stand above and beyond most youth transportation services in our industry.  New Start Transports was founded by two former youth program and transport participants and their parents. 
  • We provide train and certify all of our transport associates in accredited crisis intervention training through the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI).  85% of our associates are also trained in Positive Control Systems (PCS), MANDT or some other type of accredited crisis intervention training. 
  • Licensed specifically for the Transportation of Youth and meet all of the legal requirements in each state to operate.
  • TrustLine Registered
  • While some of our staff may have experience in law enforcement, we are not a law enforcement service.   We focus on our ability to use communication through the New Start Principles of Integrity, Compassion and Respect with each youth and parent we serve!
  • Bonded and Insured specifically to the transportation of youth. 
  • We provide more than just a safe transport from point a to b; we provide an initial intervention and then transition the youth to their program placement.   
  • Not only highly trained youth transport staff, but we have on-line staff biography pages for parents to get a clear view of each staff's individual qualifications.
  • We have been featured on the Dr. Phil show multiple times.
  • Don't believe what we tell you; hear it directly from our past parent and youth clients.  Visit our testimonials page or set up a time to speak to a parent reference.
  • We serve 150 to 300 families each year, with a perfect track record.
  • We believe that the greatest component of our youth transportation service, comes with our sincere care and concern with each child and family we intervene with.  While we provide all of the training and necessary professional credentials, having a team of transport staff that truly care about making the transition of your child to a program safe and least traumatic as possible is one component that makes New Start Transports stand out.

Making the decision to place a struggling child in a teen treatment program, may be one of the toughest decisions some parents have to make.  Once that decision is made, choosing a youth transport service may not be much easier.  With this in mind, we would like to include some of the following to increase your ability to confidently place your child in a program via a youth transportation service.

At this time, licensing requirements for youth transportation services simply do not exist.  As you look into different transport service options, you may notice a wide difference in price.  Please keep in mind, that the cost of a transport may very well indicate how a transport service is operating.  Operating any quality business is expensive and has a lot of hidden fees.  Before making the decision of a service by price alone, we would encourage you to look into the qualifications that a transport service has such as but not limited to the following: 

As we have personally been through the youth transport process as a family, transporting a my younger brother Jacob to a youth wilderness program in Utah, we personally experienced the anxiety and acting out that can take place when a family attempts to transport without the assistance of an outside intervention service.  Jacob is now our Certified NCI (nonviolent crisis intervention - a training program from the Crisis Prevention Institute) Trainer and Lead Transport Associate.  Jacob, along with the rest of our youth transport associates, are standing by and anxious to provide intervention and mediation services to teens and families in need.  Please feel free to click here for a list of our staff and their qualifications and click here to learn more about New Start Transports.

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