Our Youth Transport Story

New Start Transports was founded by two student alumni, representing four different adolescent residential/wilderness programs, and their parents. In 1995, Clinton, President of New Start Transports, was placed in a Utah troubled teen wilderness program for 57 days by his parents. Just a short while after returning home, Clint had found his way back on the destructive path of drugs, theft, truancy, and other destructive behaviors. As a result, Clint's father placed him in a long-term residential program in Western Samoa. He spent nearly two years in Western Samoa before returning home. The greatest benefit of this program was that Clint had been given time to mature in his thinking and to soberly reflect on his past decisions and how they affected the lives of not only himself but others as well. Clint was finally discharged, and determined to succeed, just prior to his 17th birthday.

Shortly after arriving home, Clint realized that his younger brother, Jacob, was following in many of the bad examples he had set before. Subsequently, Clint and his mother promptly enrolled and escorted Jacob to the same Utah wilderness program Clint had participated in. While they were able to get Jacob to the program, the entire transport experience was a very emotional time for his mother and a physical battle for Clint to keep Jacob in the car. Jacob completed 57 days in his wilderness program and returned home with a renewed commitment to make better choices. Wilderness provided him a chance to make the changes he needed and also provided a vital assessment of which aftercare services would be necessary.

Because of their prior experiences in youth programs, Clint and Jacob were hired by several residential and transport businesses. After working for a couple of years with a variety of adolescent/teen transport services, Clint felt that his family could offer a more personalized, caring, and therapeutic service on their own. In 2005, New Start Transports officially commenced its operations. By 2006, they had become very well acquainted with both the ethical and not so ethical teen treatment programs. Because New Start Transports is often the first step of a teen's (and family's) recovery or treatment process, it decided to only support and work with treatment organizations that exhibited high levels of principle, ethics, integrity, and most importantly, therapeutic validity. Therefore, New Start Transports strives to support and work with the most ethical and best qualified treatment organizations. While non-therapeutic or punitive-based "boot camps" and the like may still exist, New Start Transports believes it is essential for its services, i.e., therapeutic transports, to only occur in conjunction to an appropriate therapeutic placement.

Today, Jacob is still assisting with New Start Transports while operating a group home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clint is married, with two daughters, and living in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Their parents (and family) are forever grateful that they found the courage and resolve to intervene during Clint's and Jacob's troubled teenage years.

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