Youth Transport & Intervention Testimonials

Betty, mother of 17-year-old daughter, Kaylee, from West Palm Beach, Florida says:

New Start Transports was more than what we expected. This was such a hard decision and the amount of research we did in finding the right transport company really paid off. It was really comforting to us that we were able to meet Esperanza and Heidi the night before. We discussed our concerns as well as their suggestions to make this transition as smooth as possible. It was comforting to get the updates as they transported her to Utah.

Thank you so much for your help and guidance through this stressful situation. Have a great summer.

Christie, mother of 17-year-old son, Eric, from Newport Beach, California says:

We just returned last night from our first parent visit with Eric in the field.  We thought about you so much and wanted to thank you again for the amazing work you did with Eric. However, I had to share with you something from our trip. I had the opportunity to ride the 2 hours to the field with the transporter who took Eric to his group on September 30th.  He mentioned to me that Eric really stood out to him because he had obviously been transported from home in a very different manor than many of the kids he sees.  Eric was in a good mind space and actually somewhat happy and excited about beginning his new journey.  Nate, the transporter, was so touched that he returned to base and told the office that they should do research into who transported Eric from home and really "give them props".  This is obviously a huge endorsement of you and your company.

Thank you again for the care, concern, and tenderness you showed our son in a very difficult and emotional time in our lives!!

Bruce and Lynn, parents of 17-year-old son, Reed, from Corona, California say:

Dear Clinton: As you are well aware, having been a product of the very system we had sent our child too, the removal of a child from one's home whether voluntary or involuntary is a traumatic event for both parents and children. It is not a decision parents have taken lightly and have probably contemplated for months hoping beyond hope for a resolution to problems with their child short of having to take such extreme measures. In order to execute our plan, there was one final obstacle however; how to get our resistant child to the program we had chosen. I asked for references from the program I was sending Reed too. Prior to asking for a reference, I had done some research on my own and had a feel for the 5 or so firms that probably would be the likely candidates to perform this service for me. I then matched the two references we received to the list and your organization was on both. I immediately called you and had a chat and I must say that I was impressed when your reference informed me that you too had been through such a program during your youth. As you know, I didn't engage your firm on the spot and I spoke to a competitor of yours who quoted a lower number for the service. However the money was secondary to the reservations I had over some of the answers given by your competitor and after discussing it with my wife, we both agreed your firm was the right firm for the job. We collectively evaluated the right fit emotionally for our child with your organizations style, the pricing and the methodology. You were the obvious choice. After working through the planning you and your associate showed at our home at exactly the agreed upon time and as instructed we said our goodbyes to Reed and turned the management of him over to you and didn't interfere with the process. I must say that it was a bit of a shock how easily you got Reed to adapt to the decision that had been made and we noted the first change in Reed actually took place as you escorted him out of the house, willingly and calmly; a task I wouldn't have bet you could complete. As you noted Reed can be a formable opponent when he plants his heels and decides on being disruptive. Your ability to disarm him so quickly was indeed impressive. As promised you called as soon as you arrived at the airport and were checked in for the flight and you checked in when you landed and again when you dropped our son off at the program we selected. I was duly impressed that even though our child continued to challenge you as to why this decision had been made, you chose to continue to befriend him and to act as a calming force rather than attempting to dialog logically with a person who was being led almost entirely by their own negative emotions. I know that was a big help to Reed during the transition. When Reed reached his destination, you did not drop him and bolt. You stayed around to be sure Reed was comfortable in his new surroundings (as much as could be expected) by supplying a friendly face while the second transition on this day for him took place. Again the human element of your service paid big dividends as Reed proceeded through his medical exam and was transferred to his camp from the office of the program we chose.

I cannot thank you enough for making a very difficult day, a day no parent would wish upon any child let alone their own as good as it could be. I don't think I will ever forget you or your team and what you did in our behalf that day. Seeing Reed through that difficult and what I am sure was a very frightening day for him by giving him a friend to talk too was what any parent would want from your service over and above the obvious purpose of your service which was to deliver him to his destination safely and on time. Our final conversation gave Lynn and I such peace because we know that you were the first step on a road to achieving the goals we had established for taking such a tough step in altering the destructive pathway our son had chosen for himself. I am sure in later years Reed will also look back and pinpoint meeting you at our home as the moment in time when his life began to change for the better.

With all of our Deepest Gratitude, Bruce & Lynn

Don and Deloris, parents of 15-year-old son, Brian, from Fresno, California say:

My wife and I were completely satisfied with your service. The transportation of our son was done in a timely manner. We worried about the 3 hour drive to Oakland, but after hearing about your associate talking with our son about sports on the way up to the airport, we felt much more at ease. We felt right off the bat that you were very professional and throughout the process you provide that. You put us at ease with taking our phone calls, your calm explanation of events and the fact that you stayed in constant contact with us throughout the process. We thought the hardest thing in this whole process was just making the decision to send our son to the program. After the decision was made the reality of the situation hit home. How were we going to get him there without any problems? After talking with Clint Hardy of New Start Transports a few times we knew we had decided on the right way to transport our son. Mr. Hardy showed a subtle confidence about himself that put us at ease. He obviously had experience in the business and knew what he was talking about. Having been doing this for a while we realized he'd probably answered the same questions many times from other parents with the same concerns. He took all our calls and patiently talked us through the whole process, there were no surprises. They picked up our son on the day we requested, they were on time, and our son's transport to camp went off without any problems at all. We never really worried about Mr. Hardy's ability to transport our son safely. We just missed our son the minute he left the house. Mr. Hardy stayed in constant contact with us throughout the transport and let us know when our son was safely at camp. New Start Transports made a very tough time in our family's life a lot easier.

Sincerely, Don and Deloris, California 2009

Elena, mother of 15-year-old son, Mitchell, from Olney, MD says:

"New Start Transports" was highly recommended to me by the residential school, to which our teen had to be transported. I quickly found the website on the Internet, just by typing up the name, and was able to receive the detailed information about the company, and ways to contact it. I had prior information about several other similar companies, and could compare prices. "New Start Transports" is charging a customary market price, while providing exceptional services. I contacted the company through Email, and minutes later received an Email response, and a phone call from the president himself - Clint Hardy. Clint listened to the specifics of my case, and explained in details the logistics of the suggested transport. He was immediately available within 24-48 hours for emergency transportation, yet suggested to give him as much advanced warning as possible in order to keep down the airfare prices. I played down several possible ways my teen managed to escape before. Said he coud figh t, run, deceive or otherwise sabotage the transport, and Clint responded with a well-thought-through plan of action to prevent such attempts during the transport. My decision to hire "New Start Transports" had formed very easily after this conversation. Minutes later I received a set of forms by Email. The business agreement, and payment arrangements were clear, and easy to understand. Clint responded to dozens of my Emails, and calls, once the details of transport had to be nailed down. When not in the office – he replied via Blackberry. He paid no attention to times of the day or night, weekends or holidays – always responding immediately to any communication. A couple of hours after the transport date was established, I got an itinerary of booked flights, and a requested pick-up time – 4 AM (which wasn't at all a problem for Clint). 48 hours before the transport, my teen's hospital suddenly refused to discharge at 4 AM. Clint immediately responded by providing the justification for the itinerary, fo r me to reason with the hospital, and in the meantime came up with several different alternative possibilities of transport, should the hospital insists on later discharge time. Although the entire situation was tense and nervous by it's nature, I had a complete confidence in unconditional support of "New Start Transports", as if they were working for me alone. The transport went fine and uneventful. My teen was picked up, flown across the country, and delivered to school safely. I received a set of text messages, as each step of the plan was implemented, and an Email and a voice message to confirm the delivery. My teen refused the food during the transport, and this detail was communicated to me and to school, so that it could be immediately addressed. When calling Clint to thank him for the services, I told him: "It was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for your help and support in a very difficult times for or family. We hope we never again need to escort our teen, because his condition will improve, but should the need come again– we will definitely be your returned customers".

Sincerely, Elena

Adam, father of 17 year old son, Joseph, from Bellaire, Texas says:

This letter serves as a heart felt thanks for the great service you and Tua provided for the quick and professional intervention you were able to supply thru New Start Transports. After my wife and I placed a call to you on a Tuesday you sprung to action making all airline reservations as well as other arrangements and working closely with us in planning the successful pick up of our on Friday early AM. The few days between initiating our first call to you and the actual pick up of our son were quite anxious and you were able to provide great advice relative to your experience in transporting troubled teens. You extended top communication to me several times per day checking to make sure that all was okay. My wife and I were comforted during this most difficult period that you and your staff knew how to handle these situations and that our son would be safe. The pick up of our son went smooth and the interaction and communication that you and Tua extended my son during the airplane trip helped him a great deal to settle down during what was an understandably anxious time. From the very start to completing the mission of safely overseeing the transport of my son was as good as my wife and could have expected. Thank you to your and your staff for a job very well done.

Regards, Adam

Penny, mother of 16-year-old daughter, Hannah, from Woodinville, Washington says:

Clint, you were amazing to talk with and you walked me through the whole process ahead of time so I felt very prepared for what was to come. Our daughter had no knowledge ahead of time that she was going to be taken to rehab so I needed to know some different scenarios – of what we could expect. I felt that you were honest with me and that really mentally prepared me for the emotional/physical struggles that came when it was time for her to go. I loved that I was kept abreast of what was going on during the transport period – phone call from airports and phone call when she was dropped off. I felt very connected to this process and that offered me a bit of comfort, as this was so hard to do. I felt like Clint (and Shyanne) cared about the safety and emotional state of my daughter during this process. I was so impressed with your capacity to adapt to my schedule of when to pick her up – I had such a definite schedule of work that weekend and you were so accommodating! I hope I NEVER have to use this service again though. But I feel very confident in recommending it to anyone who might need such a specialized service.

Jim, Father of 17-year-old son, Jeffrey, from Cerritos, California says:

I want to thank you, Jacob and Tua for your assistance of transporting my son to the ranch.  The transport went so smoothly and without any problem.  Your thorough explanation of the transport helped me understand the process.  Jacob was very considerate that at my request, he called me three times to update the status of my son during the transport.  All the detailed work by your team substantially eased our anxiety at a very difficult moment.  I really appreciate it. Again, thank you for your help.  Wish you all the future success.

Robyn, mother of 15-year-old son, David, from Parkland, Florida says:

I could not have been anymore satisfied with the transport service that you provided for my son! I was 100% satisfied in every way on every level! You exceeded my every expectation on service, professionalism and integrity! This was the most difficult thing I have EVER had to go through in my life and Clint put me at ease the first time I spoke with him over the phone. Everything he promised me…happened! They were complete experts and managed to make this difficult time go so smoothly…. which made it so much easier on me. I will be forever grateful to these two gentlemen. Clint and his team were with me before, during and after the transport. I was made to feel at ease (as much as possible) during the most difficult and stressful time of my life. Clint made himself available to me before the transport, and kept in contact with me throughout the transport. He called me when my son was safely at the wilderness program. I could also tell that he would be able to make my son feel as comfortable as possible, which as a mom…really helped as well. From the beginning until the end of time that Clint and his team were working with me…I was 100% satisfied. As I said before…I will forever be grateful to Clint and his team for making the most difficult time bearable for all of us.

With Sincere Thanks and Gratitude, Robyn

Kristen, mother of 16-year-old daughter, Samantha, from Hauppauge, New York says:

I can't begin to thank you for all of your help. I am very happy that you were able to give me feedback about so many of my questions. I did not have the opportunity to speak with Esperanza, but she has a great, kind smile and I felt very comfortable leaving Samantha in both hers and your care.

June, mother of 16-year-old son, Alex, from North Massapequa, New York says:

We were extremely satisfied with your service. You handled our son with the concern of a parent and kept us informed of every step of the trip. The transport was completed professionally and without any complications. The company exceeded all our expectations, and calmed our nerves. The level of parental support was excellent. We really liked the people of New Start. They are extremely caring and took so much time with us. I would highly recommend New Start Transports and would be happy to be a parent referral.

Heather, mother of 14-year-old daughter, Katharine, from Sacramento, California says:

You were very caring and supportive during the initial phone calls and got back to me right away with an estimate and three different ways to travel. Together, we decided that starting out at an airport further away from home would help her adjust quicker and establish a bond. You checked in with me several times and confirmed the transport method, also letting the education consultant know about the arrangements. You had two staff with her the whole time, and gave her time to get used to the idea and express her emotions before beginning your trip. You made sure she was comfortable the whole way and kept me posted. I felt you used this time to help her transition well. After she arrived, I received another phone call to let me know her reaction to her letters and her arrival.

Beth, mother of 16-year-old son, Zack, from Lakewood, New Jersey says:

I was completely satisfied with the transport service, right from the initial contact. Mr. Hardy was supportive and sensitive to my son's situation, and most helpful in planning the transport for our particular circumstance. He always answered phone calls in a timely manner. He was always a pleasure to speak with, and he earned my complete respect and trust.

Mr. Hardy was able to arrange a transport sooner than I expected and managed every detail perfectly. You met and even exceeded my expectations. I can't imagine feeling as confident with any one else. I greatly appreciated the background and understanding that Mr. Hardy brings to the service, and the feeling of individualized care in understanding and planning the transport. I did not have to worry about a single detail, Mr. Hardy handled everything quickly and smoothly, he was clear and precise, and, I was kept updated about how the transport was going the whole time. It isn't an easy thing to have your child transported; yet Mr. Hardy earned and deserves my complete confidence.

Mr. Hardy of New Start is a reliable and trustworthy professional. His kindness and expertise made the whole transport process, right from the initial booking through to the end, as easy and smooth as possible. I am very grateful for his efficient handling of every detail, the smoothness of the transport, being kept updated during the transport, and also the compassionate support during the planning process. I had two failed attempts to transport my son using my own resources within my family and community, and that was a huge mistake. It would have been far better to do it the right way from the beginning, and hire New Start. I would strongly recommend to any parent who thinks they are going to try to transport their child to a place they may not want to go to please spare yourself and your child from making that mistake. It is not worth it to try to do this on your own. Whatever your situation is, from a more mild case to a more challenging one, at a time like this you need expert, experienced and caring people such as Mr. Hardy and his team.

Dave, father of 17 year old son, Matt, from Lexington, South Carolina:

Thanks so much for the work you did to transport Matt to the program.  He is doing well and has stepped back into the program without any trouble.  You did a great job of keeping us abreast of when you were coming during that night before Matt left and during the trip with him to Utah.  You gave us updates that help us understand his mood and demeanor. Spending time talking with him during the trip probably gave him a sense that you cared.  Thanks for your help on his road to recovery.

Sincerely, Dave

Dan, father of 17-year-old son, Alec, from Greenwich, Connecticut says:

I spoke to my ex-wife Jennifer (who had more contact with Tua and Charles after the initial pickup).  She asked me to tell you how excellent and capable Tua and Charles were. They were very kind to him and apparently Alec gave them both hugs when they left.  Thanks again for taking good care of my son and please relay our gratitude to Tua and Charles.

Lorraine, mother of 16-year-old Shane from Glendale, AZ says:

I had my first visit with Shane last weekend and wanted to talk to him before I returned your email.  He is doing very well and the program has done wonders for him.  I was very pleased with your transport service.  Your response was extremely quick and efficient.  I think I contacted you sometime in the afternoon on a Wed and you were on a flight that same day a few hours later.  I truly appreciated your ability to line everything up with so little time to do it.  I felt very comfortable with the way you dealt with Shane in the morning when we woke him up.  Shane said he was fine during the transport and thought that you and Lee were both 'cool guys.'  I believe Shane was probably a fairly cooperative transport, but you handled him well and made him feel comfortable quickly.  I would certainly recommend your services to another parent and you are free to add me as a referral parent.  I am very grateful for your role in helping my son get safely to the program that is changing his life and setting him up for a much more successful future.  If you need anything further from me, please feel free to give me a call or email.  Have a very wonderful and successful New Year!!

Susan, mother of 13-year-old son, Kirby, from Cedar Park, Texas says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  I know we spoke by phone throughout your transport of Kirby from Austin to the Ranch, but I want to follow up with a note.  Feel free to use all or part of this message to promote your services.  I would be happy to speak with future client/parents if you wish.   I cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you guys did getting Kirby from his room in Austin to the program in Colorado.  I was terrified the morning you came to get Kirby.  I feared he would be scared or traumatized being told to leave home with people he did not know.  I feared he would verbally and physically put up a fight frightening his little sister sleeping in the next room.  I stayed up worrying – creating dramatic/traumatic scenarios all night in my mind – NONE of which came to pass.  I am truly amazed.  I am truly thankful.  I am truly grateful to you for providing a very professional, astoundingly calm, quiet and smooth transition for all of us. 

Again, I thank you both with all my heart.  May you, your staff and families be blessed now and in the future.

Jennifer, mother of 17 year old son, Alec, from Croton-on-Hudson, New York says:

I can only say thank you, as both of your employees were incredible.  They were professional, compassionate and sensitive to everything going on.  It was a traumatic night having to have our son taken away, but the connection they made with Alec even under the worst circumstances for him was wonderful. They made him laugh and quickly assured him that he was safe.  I was also so relieved to be able to speak with my son and to assure him of where he was going and why. I haven't slept for days and am exhausted but wanted to let you know how wonderful your guys were and again say thanks to you and to them. Best, Jennifer

Gallia, mother of 15-year-old son, Nikolai, from Eagle, Idaho says:

We chose a transport company for a number of reasons.  We chose New Start Transports because of their business model, which supports a positive experience for the kids in transitioning them into whatever program they are transporting the kids to.  We were worried about the emotional toll the process would have on our family, if we were to transport our son ourselves.  New Start took that emotional burden off of us.  Clint and his assistant were respectful and considerate with our son and that made if easier for us to allow our son to walk out the door with them.  Clint contacted us several times during the transport and told us how things were going.  We knew by our son's behavior that things were going well and he was being treated well too.  The ongoing contact with Clint during the transport was reassuring to us.  We would not hesitate to recommend New Start Transports.  They are worth the money for the peace of mind.

Julie and Leonard C, parents of 16 year old Anthony from Tampa, FL says:

We were completely satisfied with the escort of our son Anthony to his new program in Utah. As a matter of fact, we were so relieved to find that your company is in existence! Clinton, your immediate return call to us upon our initial attempt to contact you was impressive for we had actually hung-up after 3 rings because we were so stressed that we were arguing, and so your return call was even that much more amazing because we had not even given you time to pick-up! The other companies we attempted to contact immediately forwarded us to a voice-mail system, and feeling the urgency of our situation, we were hesitant to leave any messages anywhere because we needed to speak to a person. We were looking for reassurance and comfort as well as possible immediate assistance, and that is what New Start Transports provided for us from the first contact. The ability to speak with not only a representative, but an owner and founder of the company was impacting and unparalleled. Knowing that you tried personally to accompany the child with the aid of a colleague was also reassuring. The extended time you spent on the phone with us explaining your company and the system in place as well as the respective approach and the sharing of your personal and professional experience was truly valued. You helped us understand and believe that this daunting task could be achieved with the dignity and care that we hoped for in having our son taken to a program that will hopefully save his life. Clinton, you and your company New Start made us feel so valued. You acknowledged the turmoil and urgent situation we were trying to deal with regarding our son while reassuring us that this whole overwhelming situation could and would be alright and that we were not alone. Your time and sincerity let us know that you and your company are vested in the commitment toward helping children and their families who are in crisis. That means so very much to us. The opportunity to visit your amazing website was also a huge assistance to us. Reviewing your website allowed us to feel much more confident in making the choice. Being able to again review your company's information, and seeing what your staff looked like and being able to read their stories was unbelievable in terms of providing us yet another opportunity to feel ok with this whole situation and being comfortable in having Anthony escorted to his program. The powerful combination of personal care and reassuring visual and written word are excellent tools utilized by your company. They allowed us to make the best possible choice for our family, and we would absolutely refer your company to others.

You are valued every day by us, and we are appreciative that caring, devoted people such as yourself and your staff are in our world. Thank you all for giving us this chance to salvage, improve, and positively move forward as a family and as individuals. Getting Anthony to the youth treatment program is the start of a difficult and long journey, but the first step was achieved with your assistance as you safely and quickly escorted him with care and dignity to his program. We wish you all continued personal and professional success.

Most Sincerely, Julia and Leonard C. and Family

PS. Anthony has been at the program for two weeks now, and he is doing alright. He sounds positive and he is cooperative. So far, there has been no running away …a good sign! The staff at the program have been great too. We are so fortunate to have Anthony placed in their program. The youth program is the source of our referral to you, and we will always be grateful that you have a working relationship with them! Thanks again for everything.

Amy, mother of 16-year-old son, Kenji, from Marina Del Rey, California says:

I was very nervous about this process, as my child was not willing to go to the facility. After many calls with Clint, I felt more than comfortable with the service. My son was transported without any problems what so ever. I was in shock!!! I so appreciated all they did to help us through this transition. They are a team that will take good care of your child.

Michelle, mother of 14-year-old son, Charlie, from Newport Beach, California says:

Clint, I don't really have the words to encompass how much I appreciate your expert help. Thanks is a bit small! But, Thank You!

Robert, father of 15-year-old son, Brandon, from Sugar Land, Texas says:

This was a very traumatic experience to go through, but Clint made the before, during and after not as stressful. We knew our child was in great hands with both of the escorts. Once he was taken out of the house, we did not have to worry. We were extremely satisfied.

Derieck H, father of 15 year old son, Alex, from Jackson, MO says:

Sending our son to a youth ranch was a very difficult, but necessary thing. We were strongly encouraged by friends and family to use a transport service. I initially, we did not want to do this. However, we are glad that we did this because it allowed us to focus on the care of our son and assured he got to the ranch safely. We are not confident we could have delivered our son to the camp. New Start made the entire process as easy as possible and we are grateful for the way they treated my son. New Start did a great job preparing us for the day of transport and were very professional through the process. Everything happened on schedule and without incident. I never felt rushed when I called in to ask questions. Clint listened to my concerns and allowed me adequate time to get comfortable with the service. After our initial calls I felt very confident we made the right choice and that was validated when our son made it safely to the [youth] ranch.

Mary, mother of 17-year-old son, Mike, from Irvine, California says:

I was nervous about having my son transported because of anger that had been escalating with him in the weeks prior to the transport. I knew that using a transport service would be the only way I could get my son into the program I selected because I am a single parent who had lost control over my 17-year-old son - who had about 85 pounds over me. Clint and his team were able to keep him calm and engaged throughout the experience, despite a 1.5-hour flight delay. Clint kept me informed each step of the way. I would highly recommend Clint and his team.

Maureen, grandmother of 15-year-old granddaughter, Rayne, from Venice, California says:

I felt you efficiently took a very emotional situation for a family and made it as painless as possible. You were hands on and in constant communication with me letting me know what was expected and what would happen at all times. You were very professional and treated my granddaughter with respect.

Paige, mother of 15-year-old daughter, Wesleigh, from Waxhaw, North Carolina says:

Everything was expedited quickly; professionalism yet compassion was evident. Abby was a perfect fit for my daughter and I appreciated the efforts to make this as easy as possible for Wesleigh. You exceeded my expectations!

Karen, mother of 17-year-old son, Mitchell, from Bremen, Indiana says:

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service for families of challenging children.  I know it's only been 2 weeks since Mitchell was delivered to the program, but phone conversations with him have been so uplifting and encouraging.  Sim & Jacob were such wonderful men.  I cannot thank you all enough for being there in one of hardest times of our family's life.


Kim, mother of 14-year-old son, Dalton, from Merritt Island, Florida says:

This was such a hard decision anyway; you made the initial transition very easy. The way that you handled Dalton was with the utmost respect. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank You SSSOOOOO Much!!

Carole, mother of 17-year-old son, Sam, from Tolland, Connecticut says:

I was completely and totally satisfied with New Start Transports. I would not change one part of the process. Not only did you meet my expectations, but exceeded them, especially in the area of professionalism. The appropriate level of support and concern was shown to my son (and myself). I felt completely able to let go of the process once you arrived at my home, having every confidence that it would be handled well. I also appreciated the ongoing contact the week prior to the transport and the hours leading up to it. This alleviated much of the worry and stress on my part.

Gwen, Mother of 16 year old daughter, Marie, from Morgan, UT says:

I'm writing to let you know how much we appreciate your service. You guys do a great job. But most important to us parents is we felt our child was in safe hands. We would gladly recommend your services to others. Your employees are great also. Joseph, our son who you also transported felt bad we didn't wake him up so he could say 'Hello' to the gal that was with you. She had been one of his transporters. That says a lot about them.

Thank you, Gwen A.

Mark, father of 16-year-old daughter, Morgan, from Johnson City, TN says:

Great job and thank you for the high level of kindness and professionalism.

Ray F, a past client and father of Kelly from Phoenix, AZ says:

Thanks for your good wishes. My daughter Kelly has been back home for a year now and doing exceptionally well, strait "A" student, participates in the family and is "clean & clear" by her choice not by our force. She is however still a bit of a renegade and free spirit and that's OK! I hope you have a rewarding and prosperous 2009!

See ya, Ray

Connie G. of Houston, TX, mother of 15 year old son Clark says:

Hi Clint, Clark completed the wilderness academy on July 16, and enrolled at into an extended youth program July 18. While visiting with him in Utah, he said that he thought about trying to fight with you all and get away. But he said he decided not to try that after Tua (I may have the name wrong) spoke with him about his work and also told him of his football experience. So, apparently, getting that information to him was helpful. Hope all is well with you. You do a very fine, professional job.

Thank you, Connie G.

Kevin B. of Rockville Centre, NY, Father of 17 year old Kevin Jr. says:

Hi Clint, Thanks so much, you guys really are the best. No matter what, Kevin will always be our (little Boy) and putting him in someone else's trust is difficult, however, I do not know of anyone that would give him the care you did.

Thank you again for your professionalism, Strength and Kindness. Best Regards, Kevin SR.

P. S . I will contact you if need be regarding transfer to the boarding school. Thanks again , Kevin

Barbara M. of Portland, OR, mother of 17 year old Teddy. says:

I would just like to thank Clint and Sim again for their great transport of our son to Arizona. Teddy is doing well and has on numerous occasions thanked us for using transport to get him to his program rather than lying to him about where he was going. Your attitude and professionalism was wonderful. It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since we first spoke about our son. Thank you again for your compassionate support at this extremely difficult time in our family. I have recommended you to a friend who is thinking about a program for her son who is heading down the path that Teddy was on. Believe me I gave you a glowing referral.

Helen, mother of 17-year-old Jacob from Louisiana says:

Clint, I want you to know that as a mother having my son picked up and transported against his will and his fathers were the hardest things I have ever done. I had the support of my extended family, which helped, but I really did trust you and cannot tell you what it meant to me that you personally came on the transport. I know that you run the company and could have assigned other members of your team. My son was very hard for me to predict as he is usually easy going unless he is not getting his way. I did however note the last few weeks before he left my home that his behavior was more defiant at times. Jacob really resents following any rules imposed on him and thinks that he should be able to do what he wants. When I tried to keep the boundaries strict he just would not cooperate and blames everything on my husband. At any rate much family dynamics play into all of my sons behaviors I think. Some of his addictive traits may possibly have something to do with ADHD. I am hoping that the program can help Jacob and all of the family. I finally got a quick call from Jacob's dad. He told me he was very sad to know that Jacob tested positive high amt for marijuana and also tested positive for Methadone. I was shocked to find out about Methadone and wonder a lot about it. Where did he get it and why was he taking it? I just do not know and have so very many questions. Maybe this explains some of Jacob's behaviors at home and also his extreme resistance not to go. He had that to hide. Clint, if you ever need to use me as a parent reference you may do so.

Again, my sincere thanks for safely getting my son to the program.

Alison F. from Baltimore, MD, mother of 17 year old Adam says:

Thanks you so much for making this very difficult and emotional experience go as smoothly as possible. Also, after Adam was missing, I felt the two of you were very present and supportive, and provided calmness and confidence. It helped me stay focused on the task. I would be happy to be a referral source. Knowing that you attended a wilderness program years ago was extremely helpful.

Francisco and Oralia, parents of 15 year old son, Luis, from Wilmington, CA says:

Hi Clint: I want to thank you, your brother and the other guy that came with your brother. You guys saved Luis' life by coming to get him and by treating him and us, his parents, very professionally. I want to thank you for trusting me with the check I gave you that night. I can give anyone who wants to hear my testimony about the fast response, professionalism, dedication, respect, caring, trust and the most important very tough but loving staff that provided the transportation. I remember that night that I called you and you told me that you would even fly down here to get Luis! See that is what I call dedication!! Please share my warmest regards with your staff and also with you. Keep up the good work and I wish the best, May God bless you all. Thank you on behalf of my family and also Luis, which one day he will realize the role you played in his treatment. I will keep your email address so whenever I get to fly out there I will stop by to thank you in person.

Sincerely, Francisco J Moral es and Oralia Garcia

Robin, mother of 15 year old daughter from Albuquerque, NM says:

Hi Clint,I am sorry I have not been in touch with you sooner. I just really wanted to thank you for getting Amanda up to the program. You and your wife were wonderful. It was very comforting to have you call and text me all the way up there. It sounds like Amanda was very comfortable talking with you and your wife. It was very re-assuring having you tell us that we were doing the right thing. I have attached a copy of Amanda's latest letter. Thankfully, we were able to nip this before she got in too deep.

Thanks again for the wonderful way you handled Amanda and our difficult situation.

Randy, father of 13 year old Ryan, from Sammamish, WA says:

Clint and his assistant were extremely professional and supportive during a very difficult day. The transportation was handled as expected and on time. Actually, the best thing was the outstanding communication provided. It was very much appreciated.

Thanks again. Randy

Dave, father of 17 year old son, Kyle, from Jackson, WY says:

You guys were very professional. Amazing job! Everything was executed like clockwork. Professionalism. Preparing us for what was to happen and what to do really helped.

Thanks again! Dave

Lisa, mother of 17 year old son, Christian, from Roxbury, Connecticut says:

I was more than satisfied. Clint was absolutely wonderful and called me several times throughout the trip to Utah. You exceeded my expectations.

Lisa, mother of 16 year old Brook, from Wellington, FL says:

Our daughter was on a path of self destruction and we had to do something quickly. We knew if we did not we would lose her forever. She had lost respect for everyone around her including us and could not control her anger. She is at the wilderness program now and seems to already understand she needs to change. My daughter made it very tough for Esperanza and Sim. She fought hard and kicked. You were quick and efficient and we needed to feel secure that our daughter would be okay. You satisfied that need. We would recommend your services to another parent.

Joyce, mother of 15 year old son, Aaron, of Madison, WI says:

You explained exactly how things would happen once you arrived at our home, and what our role was. It went as planned. Also the follow up calls during the transport were very helpful and re-assuring.


Connie Gullickson, mother of 15 year old Clark of Houston, TX says:

You were always readily available to answer questions by phone in advance of the transport. You explained in detail how the process would work and it worked exactly that way. You were punctual and quick. My son responded to your professionalism and was cooperative, which surprised me. You explained his new program and why the transport was involved while you flew and my son arrived at the destination with a smile on his face.

Liz Smith, mother of 17 year old Daniel from Draper, Utah says:

I really liked the kindness and understanding of Clint and Sim, my two contacts. I appreciated the efficiency and thoroughness. I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the service, the planning, the carrying out and the follow up. You did everything perfectly! I especially appreciated Clint sharing some of his personal experience with me. It helped me decide to send my son to the wilderness program which was The right choice! Thanks for making a very difficult situation much easier to bear! My son is doing great!

Carl G., father of 15 year old Brandon, located in Loxahatchee, FL. says:

We know this is a very difficult and stressful job for your associates. We greatly appreciate their personal commitment and the care they take to transport these young people to the treatment centers. We were completely satisfied with the service provided. God Bless You.

Barbara M., mother of 17 year old Teddy from Vancouver, WA says:

I would like to thank Clint and Sim for helping us get our son to his program. They were totally professional and compassionate. I was frankly terrified at the prospect of my son being taken out of our home but through numerous calls with Clint my mind was eased. The transport went out without a hitch and I would recommend them to anyone who has the need of escorting their child to a program.

Rena P., mother of 14 year old Aaron out of Ventura, CA says:

I felt the service was very good. We felt we had a lot of contact with Clint and then the escorts before, during, and after the transport. I felt they were very understanding about my concerns and how difficult this was for us. We also liked the training the staff had in crisis prevention as we didn't know what our son would do. The escorts were very calm and patient with him and we felt okay about leaving the house. Everything went really well with the transport.

John W, father of 16 year old Johnny from Meeker, CO says:

I appreciated you being available promptly once I made the decision to send him. This is a very big decision and your quick response made it happen. I can't thank you enough for coming when you did. It would have been very difficult for me to drive him any distance if he didn't want to go. We really appreciated the phone call once you reached your destination and the news that Johnny was talking and laughing during the trip.

Parents of 16 year old Daughter out of North Miami Beach, FL says:

The whole ordeal of finding a school for our daughter and all that it entailed, including finding a transport service has been, to say the least, extremely stressful and frustrating. Once we decided to go with your service, you were very helpful, honest and accommodating. The details were all worked out and your line was always open for additional questions and etc. Sim and Esperanza were terrific. As I said above they were caring, considerate, focused, warm, self assured, and totally professional. They helped our daughter begin to think about what brought her to this place. I don't think we could have chosen a better transport company! Thank you so much!

Rich H., father of 16 year old Dustin H. from Farmington, Utah says:

The initial orientation as to how the process worked and explaining what to expect from our child and from the transport team as this process took place was comforting. It helped to relieve the anxiety of what is a very emotional event. The follow up during the days preceding the transport was thorough and as we had further questions you were quick to respond with all the right answers. The actual transport was very uneventful and our son responded positively to your friendly approach. The transition over to the wilderness program went very smooth and while our son was not happy about what was taking place, your reassurance during the process helped keep him calm and without incident. We are grateful for your care and concern regarding us as parents and with our son. Feel free to contact me as we would be happy to share our experience with other anxious parents. We definitely feel we did the right thing.

Will Cohen, a youth program participant says:

Hi guys this is Will Cohen. You transported me on the 21st of June. I just wanted to let you know that I'm done with my stay in Utah. Even though at first I wasn't excited to be there and when I had to leave I didn't want to, I made lots of great friends there. I want to thank you for making the transition easier. What you guys are doing is fabulous.

Once again thank you for everything.

From Lee, father of Zach in New Jersey says:

Clint: I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the outcome of one of your escorts. On March 4, 2006 you picked up our son, Zach, in New Jersey and took him to a program. On November 4, 2007, Zach graduated High School and the "Program." This was even more impressive in that he turned 18 in December of 2006 and could have taken his Exit Plan but chose to stay and complete the program. We attribute much of Zach's acceptance of the program and his success to the first 24 hours that he was under your care and that of your associate (who Zach thanked one day when he was onsite at the Program). I just wanted to let you know that I will never forget you.

Thank you, Lee Viggiano

Tomoko, mother of 17 year old son, Jake, from Pleasanton, California says:

Thank you very much for your help. Jake's been at the program for about 2 weeks and he's doing fine. It will take time, but we're more confident now that he'll succeed. We're finally feeling better knowing we did the right thing.

Thanks again and good luck on your business.

Lisa mother of 14 year old Alyse out of Jamaica, NY says:

Thank you! Because of the clear and open communication, the pictures and bios on the web site that could be looked at in advance, your desire to inform me each step of the way, the clear detailing of the process which did not change when implemented greatly assisted in making an extremely stressful situation more bearable and allowing me to feel confident and secure that my child was and would be safe and well cared for.

Toni, mother of 17 year old Alex, from New Hope, PA says:

This was a very scary decision for us, and turning your child over to strangers is a terrifying thought. We were comforted by Clint and Jacob as they shared their experiences with us, and I think this also helped to relax Alex as well. I did appreciate hearing from Jacob at each leg of the trip as well. New Start Transports exceeded our expectations. The contact at each stage of the trip helped to put us at ease of knowing Alex was ok. We liked the respect for Alex as an individual, experience, and being prepared for the unexpected. The frequent communication and the sense of confidence in knowing exactly what to do made us feel comfortable turning Alex over to Jacob and Sim.

Thank you again Clint for making this difficult decision regarding Alex a little easier for us; we truly appreciated it.

Kind regards, Toni

Frank and Lee Viggiano says:

The night we met Clint Hardy, ever so briefly, moments before he and his associate escorted our son to the academy we knew for sure Zach would be safe on the first part of his journey and would even not be afraid. As bad as things had gotten at home, I did not want him to be afraid or feel like we had abandoned him. It was important to me that he felt safe. The professional manner in which the event took place was incredible and I am delighted to report that our son is graduating the program and high school this Sunday, November 4, 2007. He stayed on since December as an 18 year old. I believe the transition to the program makes a major impact on the outcome.

Thank you Clint.

Emily, mother of 17 year old daughter, Megan, from Berry, Kentucky says:

I felt very comfortable from the first phone call. Though Megan didn't create the problem she could have, I believe it would have been handled appropriately. The transport was very professional. We received multiple phone calls and were very satisfied.

Thomas and Lisa, parents of 17 year old Kayla from Minnesota says:

We were very satisfied with your transport service. The transport went much more smoothly than we had expected. You both were so kind and gentle in your manner. We just want to thank both of you for easing our anxiety in this. It went exactly how you said it would, and it was comforting to us that Kayla was in good hands and treated so kindly.

Sue M., mother of 16 year old Jessica out of Diamond Bar, CA says:

Everything happened so quickly with our daughter and the need to move fast was very important. Clint helped from the start, with an immediate response to our inquiry for help and then continued to help throughout the process of getting everything set up. It was hard enough to make the decision to send our daughter to an outdoor wilderness program, but the idea of entrusting someone else to get her there was frightening. After many conversations with Clint and then with Jacob, who was her escort, I felt comfortable in trusting her to arrive safely. Jacob called before, during and after the transport to keep us informed on how she was handling the move and to give us updates. Jacob along with Abby, showed our daughter, compassion and understanding, they treated her with respect and with their help, she was successfully transported to the wilderness academy. We are truly thankful for everyone that helped us at New Start Transports.

Cheryl B. from Boise, Idaho says:

I appreciated how you listened to my concerns about Kristen, and even brought Alicia with Esperanza just-in-case. Your instructions to us as parents were concise & specific. You exceeded all of our expectations. The things we liked about your service were:

  • Ongoing communication – kept us up-to-date on how things were going
  • Quick responses to questions
  • Clean transport vehicle
  • Follow-up email after transport
  • Liked how you knew about the program & had visited it.

I was very satisfied with your service and would recommend New Start Transports to other families.

Linda out of Fort Walton Beach, FL says:

Again, we want to thank you so very much for how you've helped us through the beginning stage of getting our son back and for your words of encouragement for us during this difficult and trying time. The non-stop communication from the first phone call letting us that you were boarding the jet, through the entire search for our son, during the transport of our son to Colorado and finally the last and the most important phone call letting us know that our son was safe and in good care of the facility that we chose to help him. Then you continued to send us E-mails with additional information and comments that also helped us be at ease and helped us understand the complete program that we believe will help our son. Just continue doing what you are doing with the same professionalism, compassion, and patience that you showed our family.

Debbie S. mother of 16 year old Lauren in Doylestown, PA says:

From the very first phone call to the last one reporting that our daughter safely arrived at the program, we felt assured that she was in good hands.  Knowing that your transportation company was founded on the desire to help families in a crisis with their troubled teens gave you my confidence.  Your company's mission was built on care and your staff have the understanding and training needed to help make the transport safe and less stressful for our child.  When a parent realizes their child needs a program, their child is probably very oppositional and would not be able to reason with the acceptance of accompanying their parents to a program.  This was true with our situation.  And having the same two escorts for the entire trip, I think made our daughter feel more secure and possibly a little more accepting of her situation.   It would not have been possible for us to take our daughter to where she is today; getting the help she needs to give her a new start in life – it's priceless.

Barbara Jean D., the mother of 17 year old Marianna D.  out of Rolling Hills Estates, CA says:

I was more than satisfied with the transport of my daughter.  Clint and Alicia were excellent.  Clint was very detailed in explaining the entire process to me.  New Start Transports went beyond my expectations.  I really loved the fact that someone was right next to my daughter for the entire trip.  Clint and Alicia Hardy showed a video of the program that my daughter would be attending, while waiting at the airport for their flight.  They released my daughter to the program and kept her safe every step of the way.  They were excellent in their communication before, during, and after the transport.

Kim B. a mother of 17 year old Nikki out of Chicago, IL says:

I just would like to say that my decision was one of the hardest things I had to do.  It's very overwhelming when you have to send your child out of state, let alone handing her over to complete strangers to get her there.  But your constant calls, follow up and attention to detail were unmatched.  Not to mention how very kind you and your wife were.  I had many fears in going through this process, but you really put my mind at ease.  I know Nikki was quite a handful and it crossed my mind at one point while here that you were not going to be successful in escorting her to your car.  My stomach sank as I heard her scream and carry on.  But moments later she came walking out slow but surely you managed to get her into the vehicle without restraint.  It was almost an instant relief that you accomplished such a feat.  I know that she arrived safely to her destination and I owe you both a big thank you and just keep on doing what you do.  Your job is tiring, lots of travel and yet you remain composed an focused to get your job done right.  I commend you for your efforts.

Thank you once again and God Bless!

Dawn, mother of 17 year old Kyle out of Costa Mesa, CA says:

Your service was so helpful. From the moment I called I could tell you cared about my situation and were willing to do whatever was necessary to get my son to safety. Within minutes you had travel arrangements made and were on your way to California to pick up my son. You were kind and caring when you arrived at my house to pick up my son, you treated him with courtesy and respect; that meant a lot to me. I appreciated the fact that you called throughout the trip to keep us updated on our son and were genuinely concerned with how my husband and I were doing as well. I appreciated that you shared your experience with the outdoor wilderness program; it was nice to talk to someone who has been successful in that program.

Flo and Neal from Minneapolis says:

Clinton Hardy and his staff at New Start Transports did an exceptional job for our family at a difficult time. They prepared thoroughly and executed flawlessley. From pick-up to transfer to the program staff, they treated our son with respect and compassion, keeping him safe and controlled throughout the process. We are deeply grateful and would recommend New Start Transports to other families in similar circumstances.

Thanks Clint and his assistant!!

Don M. from Westlake Village, CA, his son is Tyler and 16. says:

When we made the decision that our son needed help, we had many new unknowns to deal with, all in a very short time frame. The uncertainties were overwhelming, and we needed a service we could feel confident would take good care of our son. From the minute I contacted Clint I felt comfortable and secure that New Start Transports would get us off on the right foot, and I was completely right. Their close communication and guidance were comforting in our time of need. The actual transport went as smoothly as could be expected. We were kept informed of the progress at each step along the way, which kept our anxiety level at a minimum. We would strongly recommend New Start Transport to parents who find themselves in the unenviable position of needing this type of service. When we needed sensitivity and understanding most, they were there for us. We were thankful for the way they conducted their services in this delicate situation.

Jeff out of Santa Anna, CA says:

You provided a real source of comfort for people unfamiliar with what was happening in their lives, and the life of their son. Your professionalism gave us confidence that he would be treated well and fairly during the process, and delivered safely to the wilderness program. In short, you helped make the best of a very difficult and confusing situation. Thanks!

Susie M. out of Santa Anna, CA. says:

This was one of the toughest decisions of our life. I know how difficult it was for Brett to be woke up in the morning with two strangers in his room, however, your staff handled this with firmness, authority, yet respect towards the client. My husband was at the house, at their request, our younger son and myself, stayed with friends. We followed everything that was recommended and Brett left with no issues. He was upset, however, handled it very well. My husband does not know what was said in the room with Brett, however, he left the room with hands in his pocket and followed the rules. I continue to pray that Brett will really benefit with this program and that we can be a normal happy family.

Thank you for getting our son to the wilderness program safely.

Rose in Naples, Florida says:

Clint, I am positively overwhelmed with your professionalism, your respect for my family and your constant communication and follow-up throughout this entire 2 week course of events.  You should be extremely proud of your high level of service standards.   I am a willing resource to any of your future clients (parents) who may have any doubts.  New Start Transports is in my opinion the ultimate transport service in the industry.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

George from California says:

Clint Hardy was like an answer to our prayer.  He immediately called and set up the arrangements with us and kept us informed of changes.  His calming voice explaining what would happen helped prepare us for a traumatic situation with our son.  His assistant, with his physical presence, made himself known but once you talked with him he was more than just the muscle guy.  He added the touch to make the difficult trip a lot easier for our son.  For our son to fall asleep in the car for a couple of hours is a good indication that he trusted who he was with.  Clint was always timely with phone calls and emails to let us know what was happening.  It made an extremely difficult situation into a good transition for our son into the youth program. 

Stephen from Connecticut says:

Clint, as a member of family business for 4 generations, I want to thank you for the very fine service that you and your family provided during this difficult time. Caroline has the beginnings of a new start.

Best Regards, Stephen

Deborah from California says:

I contacted many different transport services and by far you were the most professional and expressed a concern about my son.  You and your staff could relate to him and expressed that.  The level of communication was excellent from the point of contact to after my son was at his treatment center.  I appreciate how you took care of my son and how you communicated with him and with me.  I would strongly recommend your service to a family.  This was a very difficult situation for me and you helped me through it and took care of my son.

Warm Regards, Deborah

Mary Stone from Texas says:

Your service helped make it possible for us to get our son into a treatment program and begin his journey towards wholeness. Without professional transport services, we would not have been able to intervene in our son's life without a huge risk of his displaying uncontrolled anger or running away. The staff was very professional, preparing us for the scenario, giving us updates during the transport process, and letting us know our son arrived safely. We are very grateful for your service and professionalism, as well as your empathy with both us and our child.

Thank you!

Colin and Wendi from Idaho says:

Thank you for caring about our son and our family.  We feel you have gone the extra mile to let us know your thoughts and concern and to help us feel better.  It was comforting to talk to you and to have you agree with us that he is going where he needs to go at this time in his life.  And you only knew him for a few hours and could sense that.  We appreciate your honesty.  Thank you for making sure our son got to the program safe and for keeping him from running.  We know that wasn't easy.  Thank you for staying there and filling the admissions director in about what your thoughts and concerns were.  It was a scary day and you made it bearable by doing what you do.  There is no way we could have picked up our son that day and flew with him to the youth program.  We are grateful for the referral from the youth program to contact you.   We didn't even know that there were companies like yours out there that assist people with transports.

Thank you for keeping us updated.  We wish your company the best of luck.  Thanks so much for being there that day to help us.  We will stay in touch.

Roger and Amy from Naples, Florida says:

We just appreciate that in the scariest time of our lives we knew Jordan was being well taken care of and that he spent the first leg of his journey to get well with two people who truly cared about him.

David and Marlene from Missouri says:

Clint, This is to thank you and your transporters for turning a potentially difficult situation into a successful outcome. With very limited time to coordinate the plan, your organization pulled it off flawlessly! The professionalism exhibited by Jacob and Wes allowed our son to get to his destination in a positive frame of mind. They demonstrated a caring, nurturing side that put our son totally at ease. Your handling of the total coordination and communication with us was impeccable. The phone calls with updates and our ability to communicate directly with Jason were real plusses. Know that we value the service your company provided and are satisfied customers.

Beckie G., Parent says:

Thank you for making this really hard day comfortable and safe. Your constant check-in, relating your own experience, and knowing how to meet my fears. I stand in agreement that the anxiety is lessoned if the child is unaware and with someone who has already attended the program where he/she is going. Thank you for your professionalism, confidence in what you are doing, and personal appreciation for the parent and their decision.

Jane says:

Dear Jacob, I want to thank you very much for the successful transport of my son to his placement in treatment. I cannot stress enough the pleasure it was in dealing with you and everyone in your company. It was a very difficult situation for me, as I had contracted to have my son transported twice in the previous month, and he had eluded the other transport service and eventually returned home both times. My initial phone contacts with you and your brother imparted in me a sense of confidence in your skills and abilities, and I am pleased that I chose your company to help myself and my son. I appreciated your willingness to change the schedule, and change plans, more than once, when it became obvious that we needed to do so. This flexibility also demonstrated the professional way in which you conduct your business. I am grateful to have connected with you, and cannot thank you all enough.

Sincerely, Jane Utiger

Kathy says:

Clint, I cannot ever thank you enough. Your service is so professional and excellent. When I first started planning it with you, it just seemed so scary and unreal to me. Your explanations and level of planning made it go so much better than I ever anticipated. If you ever need a referral I will be happy to give it. When you called yesterday to say Kyle was safely there, I just felt a true peace knowing Kyle has a chance for a new beginning and is in a much better environment than he was here in NC. As a family we do plan to do everything we can to make this successful for Kyle.

Thanks again for everything. Kathy

A very thankful parent says:

Hi Clint, I was so impressed with you and Jacob and his assistant. What an amazing team to work with. I am very thankful to have found you. Your team made what could have been a very traumatic situation into something I could bear - I felt very comfortable with Jacob and Sam. It's a difficult thing to turn my child over to the care of strangers. But Jacob and his assistant immediately put my heart at rest. All three of you were professional yet warm and compassionate - a rare combination.

I'm a very satisfied client and a very thankful parent.

Ray says:

Good morning Clint, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Rarely does a company come through and deliver as well as they sell themselves but your service was everything you promised and more. From our first conversation to the last follow up I have been very impressed with your entire teams compassionate professionalism and re assuring confidence. Jacob & Abby were simply fantastic. I know their first priority was to safely escort my daughter to the academy but their ability to help her relax and open up to them was a HUGE bonus. God bless and have a wonderful holiday season, you all deserve it.

April R. from Sacramento, California says:

It has been one month since my son's intervention/transport to the school. I've been meaning to follow up for several weeks and offer my heartfelt thanks to Clint and Sam. I just needed a few weeks to process the event...everything happened so fast. You two did an amazing job transporting my 14-year-old son from Sacramento to Provo. At the time of the intervention, my son had already spent the past year living in a residential treatment facility. Unfortunately, he had come to a crossroads in his treatment by resisting the program and even managing to run away and hitchhike home one night. I was given just seven days to find a new (lockdown) therapeutic placement for him and a method to transport him there. The decision to send him out of state was wrenching, even though he'd lived away from home for the past year. The very first service I called was New Start Transports. I spoke to Clint, who put me at ease by sharing stories (sometimes humorous) of his own group home experiences. My trust was earned immediately and I knew he was the person I wanted to escort my son. As it turns out, the intervention point was at the front entrance to a psychiatric hospital. My son had been placed on a 72-hour hold and was being discharged. Clint and Sam met him at the door and introduced themselves. My son figured out what was happening immediately and became downright violent, but Clint and Sam handled the situation in a quick, precise, and professional manner. Within minutes, they managed to pick him up and place him in the backseat of their rental car. The trio planned to fly to Provo but my son was so irate, they felt it was unwise to attempt boarding the plane. With my permission, they decided to drive 12 hours through the night. I received a call at 1:45 am, announcing that he had arrived safely at the new school.

The communication throughout the ordeal was excellent. I received several reassuring calls from Clint, prior to the intervention, then the calls continued almost hourly during the actual transport. They treated my son with respect and compassion the entire time. I have since shared Clint's contact information with staff members at my son's former group home and with our county case manager. Clint and Sam came to the rescue, took charge of my child, and spared me from what could have been a disastrous situation. I could never have handled this alone.

Admissions Department says:

Clint, Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet with you and your staff this past week. It was great to meet Jake and your staff and getting to know their history and dedication to what you do. Thank you, also, for the help you have provided in transporting students to our facility - many parents have been put at ease. Let us know if we can do anything for you in the future.

Kathy Seng says:

Dear Clint, I don't know where to begin. You all are so wonderful and caring people. Jake and his assistant were very caring and professional with my son, Joe. I appreciate the dignity and respect in which they treated my son. They are my heroes. You were great with me on the phone giving updates concerning my son. I can't thank you enough for keeping me informed and at ease during the whole process. I feel like I have made 3 truly best friends in a matter of hours. I put my trust in all of you and you came through with flying colors. Thank you Jake for getting Joe safely to the school and sharing with me what occurred on the trip. I'm grateful that there are people like you in this world.

Thank you all so much. Always,

Steffi Kern says:

Hi Clint, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. Your staff were great. They were very helpful, professional and calming to my husband and I through this most difficult task. Everything happened just as you said it would and I believe my son was as comfortable as he could have been in being transported to the school. I hope I do not need your services again, but if I do I will not hesitate to call you. I will highly recommend you and your team to anyone I meet that might be in need of your services.

Karine Smith says:

Dear Clint, Thank you for all you've done to ensure that Steven arrived safely. I am glad that I chose Jacob and his assistant to escort my son, Steven. They were very informative, efficient, pleasant and definitely eased the reality. I had a good chat and a good laughter with them; I appreciate their patience and compassion. From the moment they met Steven till they dropped him off, they stayed in touch with me. They treated Steven with respect, answered his questions, clarified his destination, eased his worries and bonded with him. I was very glad to hear that he slept most of the way to the school, a sign that he felt safe and comfortable.

Thank you again!

Ruud B. says:

Clint, I wanted to thank you for getting Corey safely to the program. The 'agent in charge', Steve, called at 1.45am this morning to confirm that they had arrived. He described the trip and he seems to have done a nice job of establishing contact with Corey. It made me feel good about your service.

Once again, Thanks a lot.

Marvin and Barbara says:

Dear Clint and Abby, Thank you for the safe transport of our daughter! You guys are an awesome group of people to work with! Thank you so much for the patience and professionalism you provided!

Ken says:

Clint made me feel at ease from the first phone call and informed me up front of all expenses so that there weren't any surprises. I was told of all options and given choices. My son was treated very professionally and because of Clint and his partners abilities the transport went without any hitches. Clint called me as soon as my son was dropped off and filled me in on how the day had progressed. Very comforting. I am so glad we picked Clint and his company. They made a tough decision easier and put us at complete ease. It felt like a ton was lifted from our shoulders.

Thanks Clint, it couldn't have gone better.

John and Karen says:

We are completely happy with the service provided by New Start Transports for our son. Even before meeting Clint in person, we could feel the professionalism and experience he had in these situations. He was very supportive and genuinely concerned during the meeting at our house. At the intervention point, they controlled the situation and remained extremely calm and professional. They contacted us during the trip and after the successful drop off. Through a very tough situation, we felt comfortable with the thought that our son was in good, capable hands.

Ken F. says:

Clint, In early July we hired your firm to transport our son Matthew from Minnesota to a drug treatment center in south central Utah. Your pre-arrival instructions about the procedure for picking him up were very clear and we all seemed to agree on a plan of action. To our surprise, our Son's response to your arrival was physical and abusive, but you and your father did an excellent job of getting him into the vehicle without any injuries. Throughout the 20 hour driving/flying trip to Utah my son was abusive, disrespectful, and uncooperative but you both kept your cool and delivered him to the Aspen Academy without injury. This transport was a job that we couldn't have done by ourselves. Three months later, my son has completed his treatment in Utah, is living in a halfway house in southern Arizona, and seems to be on a path to sobriety. I'd just like to thank you and your father again for a job well done.

Cindi Aber says:

Choosing a transport company and escorts for my son was an extremely difficult task. New Start Transports was not the first company I spoke with, but it did not take long at all for me to realize that Clint Hardy was the person that I wanted to take care of my son, and me. Clint led me step by step through the process with professionalism, care, and empathy. He and his partner made the process go more smoothly and calmly than I would have thought possible. I recommend Clint and his team very highly. God Bless and be well,

Anonymous says:

Dear Clint, Thank you for sharing time with us tonight. It has been a special opportunity to be able to listen to your supportive conversation. You both have helped ease our fears to a more tolerable level. We love our son more than words can say and your kindnesses have been immeasurably helpful at this difficult time. Thank you for your honesty and support. You both demonstrate integrity that is unmatched. Keep safe and continue success with all you do. You are in the perfect profession. Steve and I will never forget you both!

Gary L Anderson, LPCLicensed Clinical Therapist says:

It is my pleasure to recommend Clint Hardy to you. As a therapist I have coordinated youth treatment efforts with Clint and with youth placed in his responsibility. I have been impressed with his ability to mentor youth. He has a great capacity for balancing appropriate behavioral expectations with the learning process and youth resistance to personal growth. He develops a positive rapport with the youth he works with. It is my impression that Clint has a genuine concern for youth and in supporting them and helping them address specific challenges in their lives. I have also observed that Clint is a skilled and organized professional who works effectively with other service providers such as therapists, foster parents, case managers, and educators. Clint is an effective communicator and has demonstrated proficiency in facilitating the appropriate collaborative exchange of information between team members working with a particular youth.

I have found that Clint demonstrated a high degree personal consistency in modeling the expectations he places on the youth in his care. Clint has a sociable personality and has a superior ability to connect with young people who are struggling in life.

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