Youth Transport

A Youth Transport is very similar, if not the same as a Teen Transport. However, a youth transport suggests all youth, rather than only teenagers. We refer to a Youth Transport as the safe transportation of a youth (ranging from ages 1-17) from the approved pick-up location to the destination pre-chosen by the parent guardian(s) of the youth. Most youth transports involve youth from the age of 12 to 17. However, we have received calls regarding the transport of a child as young as 6 years old.

The place of pick-up is most commonly the home residence of the parent guardian(s) and child. However, the place of pick-up can involve any public and/or private location that we are legally authorized to pick-up at. New Start Transports may involve the support of law enforcement if law or safety requires it.

The place of drop off is most commonly a troubled youth treatment program. However, it can include any appropriate destination requested by the parent guardian(s) of the youth.

The youth we provide transport services to are generally troubled, at-risk youth that may pose a high run or safety risk. There are also a good amount of youth that do not pose a risk of running or acting out violently. The use of an outside intervention source can be beneficial to parent(s), programs, and youth in most scenarios. Most of the youth we transport do not want to willingly go to the program their parents are placing them in. Under these and other similar circumstances the use of an outside mediation, transport, and or intervention service is almost always a safer solution to consider.

Our youth transport staff mediate with the youth, parent(s), and program(s) as necessary to ensure the safest and most caring transport of a potentially anxious and troubled child. We offer a safe intervention that implements the principles of Integrity, Compassion, and Respect to the youth and all involved in the youth transport intervention. Please contact us directly for more information on how our youth transport service operates. We are not a law enforcement service and we use the tools of mediation and crisis prevention training that allows us to identify not only the level of anxiety in a youth or anyone present, but the appropriate action to take based on the anxiety displayed by an anxious and possibly scared youth. We do not rely on mechanical restraints or other devices to safely intervene. We rely on training, experience, and care for the youth and families we serve to allow us the ability to successfully transition a youth during their transport to the treatment program.

In considering a Youth Transport Intervention Service, we encourage you to first review our Caution Page. It is important for you, as parents and/or professionals, to know and understand the truths about the youth transport industry before choosing or referring a youth transport service. From the perspective, of a former family that went through the troubled youth program placement three times, we can personally understand the difficulty of this process from both an emotional and financial level. We encourage you to visit our staff qualifications page for more information on how we may be best qualified to intervene with a troubled youth or family you may be familiar with.

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